La Costa Golf & Beach Resort de Hotel Restaurant

La Costa Golf & Beach Resort de Hotel Restaurant – February 2016.

I was pleased to head inside in the warmth of the clubhouse following my round at Golf Platja de Pals. It was getting frigid on the last couple of holes and it was nice to be out of the icy wind. I love the space, the timber beams and big leather couches with the enormous fireplace begged you to sit and enjoy a post round meal.

I made sure I could see the golf on television.

I must also mention that before I arrived in Spain mid January, I hadn’t eaten pork for 18 months. In Spain it is not really possible to avoid and the jamón serrano here is divine.


My happy place – golf on television, just finished golfing and about to eat an amazing meal. 

I figure when in Rome. Eat pig.

The lovely waiter asked if I would like to see a menu and I advised that Maite had arranged for me to taste the paella with rice was grown locally in Pals and to surprise me with whatever the chef felt like.

The first plate was thin slices of melt in the mouth jamón and I ate more than I planned. I was only having a taste but ended up eating nearly the whole lot (to think I hadn’t eaten pork in 18 months – I devoured these delicious morsels).

The toasted bread was still warm and crunchy, had fresh tomato rubbed across then drizzled with oil and was just what I needed.

I tried not to eat it all and the struggle was real.


Second plate

I drizzled the salad with vinegar and oil and was trying to work out where the smokey flavour came from. I couldn’t and wasn’t sure if it was just a crazy mix of a couple of things making it taste smokey or if the tuna was smoked. I tasted everything a couple of times trying to work this out and replicate it as it was delicious but I couldn’t. A special mention goes to the olives in this salad.

I am in love with Spanish olives and these ones did not disappoint.


Gambas con ajo y guindilla

The prawns with chilli and garlic were mouthwatering and while I had eyed the basket of bread (which I wasn’t going to touch), I looked at that chilli and garlic infused oil at the bottom of the dish and I had to dip some bread in. I very nearly snatched the plate back from the waiter so I could lick it clean.

I didn’t, instead waiting for the dish I was there to taste.

The whole rice is grown and harvested in Pals and is definitely the hero of this dish. It is so creamy and while the paella is peppered with prawns, pippies, mussels, sausage, and pork belly, it was the rice I couldn’t get enough of. I didn’t eat all the other bits and pieces but I ate all the rice.


Amazing local Pals rice

I was full and thinking I would skip dessert until the waiter advised me it was mojito sorbet.

How could I pass that up?


Great finish to an awesome meal. 

What a wonderful meal to finish my golfing experience in Pals.

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