Cal Ticus


Prawn and pea paella – simply delicious

Cal Ticus is a restaurant in the centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia which serves traditional Catalonian fare using fresh, in season local ingredients when possible.

While we had a booking, we were a little late and then had to wait for a while to be seated as the place was quite busy. My dining companion was quite annoyed both by the wait and the fact they sat us next to a big table.

I enjoy eating out in Spain and I love big tables of people happily breaking bread and enjoying a feast so I was quite happy – and I was starving.

I don’t usually eat bread but pounced on the bread once it was delivered to our table.

By this time it was 3.30pm and I had only had a smoothie for breakfast and following a morning of demolition and hauling 25kg bags of debris down the stairs, I was completely empty.


My first course

The menu of the day had a selection of two to four dishes to choose from depending on first, second, main or desert, for a set price.

While the menu of the day comes with wine as I don’t drink I just had sparkling water, much to the astonishment of the waitstaff. When I was offered a cava – Sant Sadurní d’Anoia happens to be the capital of cava production in these parts – at the completion of the meal, I declined. Three different waitstaff popped by our table to clarify I in fact did not want a cava and were a little perplexed at my continual no.

My friend drank his cava while I enjoyed my water.

My favourite dish was the very simple yet delicious salad that was my first course. How can you go wrong with fresh greens, strawberries, cheese and sunflower seeds?

Following that was prawn and pea paella that the waiter had recommended as I was deliberating the menu. I am glad I went with his suggestion and the garlic aioli that it was served with – fantastico.

The main was a choice of pork or calamari. Before I arrived in Spain six weeks ago, I hadn’t eaten pork in a year and a half so I went with the calamari. Again people are perplexed when I advise that I don’t eat pork as it is not for religious reasons I just choose not to. Following an in depth discussion about pigs and their meat with a guest at the golf resort in Canada I removed pork from my diet.

That said, since I have been in Spain I have eaten pork. While I don’t choose it on a menu, I have been invited to various homes for dinner and sometimes there is no polite way around it so I eat a little and I must say, I very much enjoyed the jamón serrano I had my first week here.

When in Rome eat pig.

The calamari was perfectly cooked, soft and sweet and the tomato sauce it was served with (similar to calçots sauce) complimented it perfectly.


Calamari main course

I love the portion sizes – a perfect plate of everything without overeating, leaving you room to enjoy the complete menu of the day.

I was completely happy. Full and ready to get back to renovating but had postre yet to come.

Freshly made yoghurt, pineapple and a mango sauce.

A wonderful way to finish a fantastic meal.


Perfect end to an amazing meal.


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