Abu Dhabi City Golf Club


Abu Dhabi City Golf Club – January 2016 My first experience of night golf in one word – awesome.

The track is incredible and completely different from anything I have experienced. It is a nine hole course in the middle of a race track. There are two tracks encircling the course, a dirt one and a grass one and they have some big race day events here.


Putting green, race track then course nestled inside.

I played with David who I met on twitter (his friend thought perhaps I am a stalker) after he posted a photo of he and his friend playing night golf, I contacted him asking if that was a one off special occasion or if it was common.

Turns out it happens all the time and as I was heading to Abu Dhabi the following week, we arranged to tee it up.

I arrived a couple hours early and had a bit of a golf chat with golfers heading out and coming in as I waited to be taken up to the driving range.

After flying in the previous morning I was a bit stiff so it was nice to have a hit on the range and practice some drills. I then putted for a bit before heading to the course to meet David.


with Dave as the sun sets

David had previously explained that you can easily go out of bounds if you end up on the race track or if you are on the adjacent fairway you are also out of bounds. He also warned that the rough is tricky to negotiate and difficult to get out of cleanly.

I found myself out of bounds once and for some reason I hit the ball sweeter out of the rough than I did from the fairway.

We teed off at 5pm playing five or so holes as the sun sank. Floodlights flicked on, my eyes adjusted and we were off again for a completely different golfing experience.


David is recovering from being very ill 12 months ago and at one stage thought he’d never play golf again. For a Scottish lad that would have been tragic news (who am I kidding for any golfer that is tragic news) and three months ago he could barely play six holes and here he was today playing 36, as he had already played a round with his mates that morning.

Not bad at all!

My driver was my friend today and I only missed one fairway – I did hit some dodgy drives but they punched straight down the fairway so I had nothing to complain about.

I don’t really complain about anything when I golf. When I am out golfing I can do naught but smile.

David did say he has met so many golfers in his thirty odd years playing but never someone so enthusiastic about golf. He told me my enthusiasm was infectious – I’m taking that as a compliment.


Dave mid swing – not a bad golfie

I played some blowout holes (I seem to have one or three per round) but got a nice par and some great bogies. My putting wasn’t great – I didn’t drop many long putts but after three holes my weight was perfect.

My touch around the greens was really good and chipping was online although at times a little long.

The course is in great condition and the greens started off fast then after the sun set the dew dampened the track and the ball ran slower but you adjust pretty quickly.


The time of day I usually finish golfing.

I had no issues getting out of the rough and David commented saying he’d never seen anyone hit a ball so sweetly out of the soft clingy grass. At one stage when I donated another spider (my marked ball) to the course and took a drop I actually dropped it in the rough rather than on the fairway.

I hit some amazing proper golf shots and I am always amazed and delighted when something comes off my club that I am aiming to do. Oh there was some terrible drop kicks and I had a couple of “firsts” on the track today.

Playing at night was a first and I had a hilarious shot where I managed to hit the hosel (hopefully first and last hosel shot) on my 3w and it flew sideways tapping the cart and stopping about half a metre behind me.

Regardless there was way more good than bad off my club and I had a wonderful evening of golf and laughter.

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club – January 2016


7 responses to “Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

  1. Nice write up and glad you had a nice time at ADCGC, it was nice chatting to you in the clubhouse after your game. all the best with your future travels

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  2. Liked your notes on the Al Ghazal course….glad you enjoyed it. It was very refreshing and infectious playing golf with Tiffany….her enthusiasm for anything connected to golf is unparalleled..well done

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