Summer in Sydney?

I am sitting on Dan’s couch in Bondi on a fairly cold summer’s day. I was hoping for some beach time and ocean therapy but it is just a little too cold. My bag is filled with swimmers and sundresses and I am in jeans and the only long sleeved shirt I packed.


Not the beach day at Bondi I was hoping for.

We met up with Diana and Popsicle for brunch this morning at a beachside cafe and I was cold, wishing I had a sweater.


With Dan, Diana and Poppy

I had a great Christmas filled with food, family and friends. Lots of each of those things. I spent Christmas eve visiting four different groups of people and am always happy seeing Santa on the back of the fire truck.


Bit of naughty, but of nice.

I have said goodbye to most people now and will only see a few more before I fly off to Abu Dhabi. I will see my little sister, April, when I pick her up from the airport on the 1st January.  I haven’t seen April in eight months so will be nice to have a day or so to catch up before I leave.

We seem to be taking turns who is in the country. April left in September, a week before I arrived and she returns less than a week before I leave.


My fruity contribution for our feast.

I am looking forward to visiting Abu Dhabi but mostly I am excited about being in the one place for three months in Barcelona. I have had a lot of fun working and visiting in Sydney and it is always wonderful to catch up with friends and family but I am happy to be off, exploring the world again.

I am looking forward to getting into a routine of volunteer work, exercise, with a spot of golf and touring in Barcelona.

I was a little homesick for my house in Canada but then I see the photos of the snow and you can’t golf in the snow. I think it was my kitchen, my blender and my gym that I miss the most but it will not be long before I am back on PEI enjoying another gorgeous summer.

Before then I have so many other adventures and certainly do not want to wish my life away.

First I have beach time (hopefully) with Elissa and a New Year’s Eve party in Surry Hills – a 1980’s tennis party to be precise.


Merry Golfmas!




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