Aussie Adventures

I can’t believe that in three weeks I will be leaving Sydney again. Have I really been here since mid September?

I have managed to fit in a lot in the short amount of time I have been here and I will be back next October for my sisters wedding and while I like Sydney, I am happy to go and explore other places.

It will be nice to be settled in Spain in one place for three months and I can’t wait to go back to my house in Canada but it is just too cold there right now.

I have had a wonderful week of golf and food in Adelaide and Sydney – catching up with both old and new friends.

Following a quick trip to the hairdresser, I spent today with Ness and Alice doing a spot of harvesting.


Said hello to a ram

Macca’s garden at his place is looking good. He has okra, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers currently planted and after doing the lawns, a spot of gardening, harvesting and mucking out the ducks cage (I left that to Ness – I didn’t know ducks stunk so much) we headed to the land where they have their chickens and sheep.


Collected some eggs

So many  trees on the land – olive, orange, mandarin, lemon, chestnut, fig, persimmon, grape, passionfruit, plum and peach and I am sure I am forgetting some.

I don’t know anything about plants unless you can eat it and I couldn’t believe all the deliciousness within sight.

I was very pleased we didn’t run into a snake as they have seen quite a few snakes around and we stomped and made a lot of noise jumping at plastic blowing and pipes in the grass. I was utterly frightened and frozen in place for a few seconds until I realized nope no snake, just a bit of plastic blowing in the breeze.

I traded my sunglasses for lemons and figs, dropping them somewhere as we harvested fruit and collected eggs.

Back to Ness’ and we put together her mother in laws birthday present – see photo below.


Who doesn’t want to grow their own eggs?

There is nothing better than eating food you have grown yourself.

I arrived back from Adelaide on Monday after a fabulous golf and food adventure.

In the ten days I was in Adelaide I golfed at The Grange, Sandy Creek, Royal Adelaide, Kooyonga, Adelaide Shores and Victor Harbor.

My best golf moment was not actually off my club it was watching Matt Lisk get a hole in one at The Grange. I was so excited (more than Matt I think).


My favourite golfie of the trip.

I walked approximately 30kms, ran 10kms, ate some amazing food, made a lot of new friends and actually relaxed sitting poolside and reading a book for the first time in a long while.


Spent a bit of time in the pool


Exhibition at the Migration Museum

I went to Adelaide Central Market (now that is a foodie paradise), Wattle St Market, Glenelg Pier, Losing the Plot exhibition (all about food production in Adelaide from fire stick farming to current market gardens), and borrowed a kettle bell from a football team.


Glenelg Pier

I had kettle bell envy after watching them train and asked if I could swing one around for a bit – I was so happy.  I don’t care how crazy they thought I was.

When I am not at my crossfit gym in Canada, I make do training with whatever equipment I find. Doing box jumps on seats, tricep dips on poles and as I usually am only doing body weight training (squats, burpees, sit-ups, pushups, lunges etc) I was very happy to borrow the team equipment and do some kettle bell swings and some goblet squats.


Early morning at Victor Harbor

After arriving back from Adelaide I stayed a couple of nights at Elissa’s place in Erskineville and we went to see the fantastic christmas light display on Pleasant Ave.

Yesterday after slipping down the stairs at Elissa’s (soft tissue injuries only) then going for a run before the massive storm hit, I met up with my new friend Tony (who I met at The Australian Open) and his wife Annie for a fabulous greek feast at Watsons Bay.


The start of our Greek feast

We ate some amazing food and then chatted the afternoon away, laughing and swapping stories about our various life experiences. I do look forward to catching up with them again upon my return to Australia.

Following the storm, the traffic was horrendous and I am certainly looking forward to driving on PEI again next summer.

There just doesn’t seem to be a peak hour in Sydney anymore. It is just constantly congested – I learnt this driving more than 7,500 kms all over Sydney at all hours of the day when I was working on the film.

I will not miss Sydney traffic.

Last night I headed south and had dinner with mum then caught up with Paul, had a good laugh and watched some owls.


Owl spotting at Paul’s

Tomorrow I hope to edit a bunch of golf videos and maybe organize a couple more rounds before I leave – I have just under three weeks after all.



2 responses to “Aussie Adventures

  1. Tiffany,

    Time sure flies when you’re on an awesome adventure, and playing golf in the process! I agree — Canada is much too cold right now. Counting down the days till we leave for Hawaii in January.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hawaii will be amazing and after the cold of Canada you will appreciate that much more. I am so lucky to be doing what I have planned this year – lots of golf in lots of countries. Have a great christmas and new year. Cheers, Tiff

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