Victor Harbor Golf Club

Victor Harbor Golf Club – December 2015 I have just returned from Victor Harbor, my 53rd golf course to date and what a great day of golf. While I might still have sand in my ears, hair and down my shirt (it was an awesome bunker shot – I just covered myself with sand), I am so happy I added this course to my South Australian golfing adventure.

I arranged it yesterday as so many of my playing partners this week had said how fantastic the first tee is and I had to play it if I was golfing in South Australia.

Following my practice at Adelaide Shores Friday then having a bit of a lesson with Jason Norris at Mawson Lakes yesterday, I decided I would actually keep score.

Mostly this week I have played for the pure pleasure of it.


The first tee – 30 metres down to the fairway.

The first tee is spectacular. It is elevated 30 metres above the fairway and a little disconcerting teeing off. I pushed it a little right but no trouble.

I was playing with Phil (a member) and Jarrad (his son) and as we were heading down the path from the club house to the 1st fairway, there were six or so kangaroos lazing in the morning sun on the 18th.


A few roos

I double bogeyed the first hole not quite getting on to my 3w from the dirt lie just off the fairway but was keeping my right leg bent – I have a tendency to straighten it which isn’t conducive to good golf.

I then followed this up with 10 proper golf shots in a row and got my first ever back to back pars on the 2nd and 3rd.


My “I just got two pars” golfie.

I was hitting some great shots and only topped my 3w twice. I did have an air swing (which of course I count) and I had some great scrambles. On the 8th I had a shot that I even impressed myself with.


17th – my ball is on the far left – happy to say I nailed the putt

I was standing on the side of a hill in a hazard (so couldn’t ground the club) with one foot below the ball and the other foot well above the ball and nearly hip height. I nailed my shot landing on the green about 4 feet from the pin. I dropped the putt and came away with a delightful bogey.

I was stoked. I can golf. I can even do what I am intending to with my clubs. Today it was good golf with some bad shots sprinkled in and I was thrilled.


I was hitting some great drives and while the majority landed on the fairway the ones that bled a little right landed me in the dirt. A great challenge using my 3w off the dirt and I did pretty well.

The greens are in great condition and while I saw a lot of kangaroos I am pleased there was no snakes or dead foxes.

Yesterday when Phil landed in a fairway bunker he was surprised to find his ball nestled at the rear of a dead fox, where the butt meets the tail. He had to take a “interference dead animal drop”.

The photo was a little unreal actually. Shame I didn’t get a copy of it.


with Phil & Jarrad

I had a great two holes to finish and while I missed my final putt I had nailed the perfect drive down the left of the 18th which rolled into the middle of the fairway.

While I still have plenty of improvement to make I was very happy with my round today. I had an air swing and some dodgy 3w and hybrid shots and still managed to shoot a 104. After taking my handicap into account (currently 26) I shot 3 over par.

How can I not be happy?

This is a must play track, the first hole alone is unique and definitely worth playing.

The golf side of the adventure was great, the food side mediocre.

Following our round I interviewed Phil and Jarrad (Twenty Questions with Tiff) and we sat in the amazing clubhouse overlooking the first fairway with views all the way to the water.

Lazily watching an afternoon Ambrose event tee off (funnily enough Ambrose got it’s name at this club – see pic below) we were undecided of whether or not to have lunch.


I love food but don’t eat anything deep fried and the waitress had advised they had fresh calamari and chicken schnitzels. We got the menu and I queried whether I could get the fish grilled rather than deep fried. Unfortunately not, so I chose the Pasta of the Day which was chilli prawn fettuccine and while she wasn’t sure if there was cream in it, I advised if there was, I would like it with no cream.

Unfortunately the chef has to use cream in this sauce as it is his signature dish and wouldn’t make it without the cream so instead I opted for Garlic Prawns served with Basmati rice. I was once again informed that this dish also has cream and the chef wouldn’t make it without it so how would I like the Roast of the Day?


I gave a magpie some rice crackers and he told all his friends who followed me down three fairways.

I agreed as it was all getting too hard and while the beef was tender the mash had big lumps of veg and the rest of the vegetables were very peppery. I do like pepper but not when that is all I can taste.

Was the food edible?  Yes, but it was not great.

I work in a golf resort in Canada and you adapt dishes as requested by the customer all the time. I understand that the chef is a contractor and has nothing to actually do with the club but I would suggest definaltey having a drink and enjoying the fabulous view but perhaps head into Victor Harbor to eat.

I certainly will be next time I’m in town.

The three of us had a good golf chat over lunch and while the food wasn’t great the company (and the view) was.

Phil might just be my new best friend as upon leaving he said “You played some really good golf today”.

What a compliment from a fellow golfer!

Victor Harbor Golf Club – December 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Jarrad & Phil – Victor Harbor Golf Club

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  1. I too had an experience with the chef re the food and he wasnt prepared to adjust the ingredients, and lost 65 people to another local venue for a 70th birthday. Also the food is not up to scratch, especially catering for the locals. Lee


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