Adelaide Shores

Adelaide Shores – December 2015 I have been to Adelaide Shores twice this week and am astounded at the facilities. Should you play any sport this is the place to go. Not only are there two golf courses, an Executive 50 and the Patawalonga par 72, there are facilities for football, baseball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, a skate and bmx park, an arial adventure and a marina.


I drove a different way both times and could not believe the facilities within the complex. As a sports lover I was in heaven but I had gone just for the golf.

On arrival to Adelaide Shores I met Pete Ormsby who is a bit of a golf legend around these parts and was hoping to speak with him further on Friday but I was delayed and he was in a meeting when I arrived.

On Tuesday after playing 18 at Sandy Creek, I met my twitter friend Steven and his dad Roger. I met Steven in May over our shared passion for golf and as he was raving about the amazing tracks in Adelaide I decided a trip to South Australia was necessary.


Steven and Roger looking for a ball on the other side of the shrubs

The only problem was Steven had recently had knee surgery and wasn’t able to play his normal game so we played the par 3 and 4 Executive track. While this course has 15 holes (3 were commandeered to make a baseball complex) we only played 9 as that is all his knee could take.

It is a great holiday track and is very popular during the school holidays when the nearby caravan park is full. There are a few creeks and treed areas where you can (and I did) lose a ball.

I had some good golf shots and a couple of pars but nothing spectacular. Roger is also new to golf and loves it (perhaps not quite as much as me) and Steven’s philosophy is if you can’t play like a pro, you should at least look like one. He was shocked when I said I only own two pairs of golf shoes, one with me and one in Canada. He has twenty two pairs.


Steven’s golf closet.

It was a great afternoon and good to finally meet Steven as we tweet a lot, both being passionate about golf.

I missed Pete when I arrived Friday afternoon so I spent nearly two hours practicing. It made me so happy. I hit balls at the range mostly with my 3w. Then chipped and putted for nearly forty minutes.


Following my practice I met with Deb and Jude and played the front nine at Patawalonga.

While my first couple of drives were off, I really got into the swing of things by the third.

I was so happy to hit 3w after 3w well. Only once when I pulled it out did I drop kick it. Shows what a little practice can achieve.


My putting was online and I dropped some great putts, and again similar to my morning of golf I am starting to string together a few holes of golf shots, eliminating my crap.


With Deb and Jude

I was hitting the ball well and on four holes hit some fantastic shots that were well past my usual distance with those clubs. Tomorrow I will adjust my club selection and see how I go.

Following my round I popped back into the pro shop for a quick chat and Pete had left me a Swingyde (which he invented). This is used by some of the best players in the world so I look forward to having time to practice with it. The added bonus is it is small and easy to take with me as I travel.

I have now played more than fifty courses in four countries since I started playing in July 2014 and while tomorrow I was going to have a day of touring,  I just couldn’t resist adding another course while in South Australia and I am off to Victor Harbor.

Adelaide Shores Golf – December 2015


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