Kooyonga Golf Club

Kooyonga Golf Club – December 2015 I arrived quite early and was catching up on emails in the car and it wasn’t until I got my shoes on and loaded my golf bag with my snacks that I realized I left my video camera at home.

I didn’t have time to return so my iPhone it was.

I noted and admired the range on my way pro shop – who doesn’t like good practice facilities? I think in fact I was jealous of the folk using it, as again I was lamenting the fact that I have had no practice lately – just lots of play.


Don’t get me wrong, I love playing I just like practicing as much as I like playing.

I met with Skye, Mary and Pam. Three wonderful women who were my playing partners today.


Mary leaving the tee and Skye lining up.

Last week the greens and fairways had been cored/scarified so I wasn’t able to experience Kooyonga at it’s plush carpeted best but that did not diminish my golf experience at all.

My driver was very ordinary on the first couple of holes but as I warmed up, I swung more freely and was able to get on to it well. Some glorious golf and not just by my playing partners. Well my golf may not have been glorious but I was pleased to string a couple of good holes together.

Again all the ladies had a 5w and I think this is something I need to add to my kit. Everyone tells me that a 3w is one of the hardest clubs to have in your bag but I keep persevering and pulling it out. I know how I used to hit it and it is slowly getting more consistent.


Pam, Mary and Skye heading to the green.

I have noticed that in the last two weeks I am striking the ball better and in turn am hitting the ball further, so my club selection has been a bit off. I hit some very sweet 9 irons today from what used to be my range yet watched them go well beyond the green.

Not a bad problem to have really – I just need to adjust my selection accordingly.


Kooyonga is a fantastic track and while I did lose a ball in the long rough (I am sure it was hidden in plain sight) the golf gods ensured I found more than I lost. Which seems to be a constant theme for me – I am slowing filling the world with balls marked with spiders.

I hit some fantastic balls that I was just short on but didn’t care as I hit them well and I was happy to be the ladies’ entertainment when I had a fried egg at the very top of a bunker. I had one foot in, one foot above my hip and outside the bunker and was so not successful in getting it out in one.

Very amusing though and quite a few laughs with Mary filming my attempts.

On the back nine I was playing golf. Stringing a couple of good holes together and actually hitting nine good golf shots in a row.

Now that is progress.

On the 18th I decided that I should hit as many bunkers as possible just to challenge myself – seriously, the 18th green is well protected by numerous bunkers but I while I did land in a couple I got out quite well.

My short game was on line today but at times just a little short and my putting was not my usual form but I did sink a few great putts – I also missed some easy ones, but that is golf.

The ladies can certainly golf and Pam is always consistent, has her eye in and can just putt. Skye made a great chip in for a nice birdie and Mary just makes her long clubs look effortless.

I asked Mary how long it will be before I can hit a ball like that but Mary assured me today that if she could drive and hit a ball like I can a year and a half in, she would have been very happy.

Now I just need to get more consistent.

The course has some great changes in elevation ensuring some challenging golf and the bunkers protect the greens well, with some very tricky to negotiate.

I look forward to returning and playing here when it is at it’s best – and by then my golf should be great (fingers crossed).


After golf snack.

Following our round we enjoyed a delicious snack platter and Brett Lewis, the GM, joined us for a chat.

We continued our discussion about all things golf – membership in it’s current form, ladies and junior programs and the utilization of social media.

Brett noted my enthusiasm.

I can’t help it, I love golf and as I have said before, I believe there are those who golf and those who have not yet played.

Now let’s get those who have not yet played out on the fairway.

Kooyonga Golf Club – December 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Pamela, Merry & Skye – Kooyonga Golf Club


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