Royal Adelaide

Royal Adelaide – December 2015 Perfect golf weather in Adelaide today.

I arrived forty minutes early for my tee time and chatted with Marnie in the carpark about all things golf.

I then met my playing partners – Anne, Jan and Denise. A wonderful foursome to be part of and boy can these ladies golf.


with Jan, Anne and Denise

Jan drives the ball with ease and punches it with great distance down the fairway. Denise does not fault with her long clubs, regardless of situation and dropped some great putts today and it was a pleasure watching Anne collect a trio of birdies and play some great golf.

At last count the ladies all had a top ten finish in their competition (I didn’t play comp) and Anne was winning I do believe.

My usual consistent driver was not friendly to start and I am still drop kicking my 3w. I did hit some sweet 3w shots but more often I drop kicked the first attempt or topped it 50 metres down the fairway – at least it was going forward and always getting closer to the pin.


The course is in wonderful condition and there is such a stark difference between the fairways and the crunchy native grasses surrounding the course.

The fairways were like carpet underfoot and there was a wonderful run if you hit a good ball.


The greens were quick and got quicker as the day warmed up with some being a tricky negotiation.

By the last four holes my driver was back and my putting was on line.

I had some terrible golf completely duffing three tee shots so I was three off the tee. I got a nice par on the 11th then four holes later I scored an 11 – I did come at the 15th hole from every possible direction and finally managed to hole the ball, it just took me a while.

I followed that up with a par and and a couple of bogeys finishing the day with five good golf shots down the 18th.


Watching the ladies with 5 woods (which I don’t have) I thought that perhaps when I am home in Canada I might look at adding that to my bag, although once I master my 3w I will take about ten shots of my score and that would see me shooting under 100 consistently.

My short game is coming along and while I am not able to practice consistently, I am playing a lot and doing some great things.

Following our round we had a wonderful lunch and a great chat about golf and food.

Two of my favourite things.

Royal Adelaide – December 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Denise, Jan & Anne – Royal Adelaide


My halloumi salad – delicious



The train that runs through the course.



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