Sandy Creek Golf Club

Sandy Creek Golf Club – December 2015 After an early start today, I headed north to the Barossa Valley.

A lovely drive before most people were on the road. The sun peeking through the trees and kangaroos lazing in the paddocks put a smile on my face before I even got to the course.


Couple of kangaroos in the fields next to the course.

I met David Rice, the Operations Manager, just after 7am and as he couldn’t play and there were no members around, I happily hit the fairways solo.

I haven’t played a round on my own in months and I love it. Being out there on my own with my golf as the sun rose higher and the greens dried out was a wonderful start to the day.


Stunning morning.

There had been a massive electrical storm last night so there was lots of leaves on the greens and broken branches around the trees. I might have hit a couple of wayward balls under the trees to have to negotiate the branches and had to move what I would call a tree out of my way on the 18th when I hit my second shot a little left.

I also just putted the first two holes not bothering to clear the line figuring they were only leaves but after missing a putt from a deflection, I made a nice little line to the hole from then on.


I didn’t speak to another person on the front nine, I just golfed and took photos and videos and enjoyed the birds calling to one another trying to work out what birds I could see.

Seems I quite enjoy the various native birds in every country, as golf courses just seem to be a bit of an aviary. Today I saw magpies, galahs, cockatoos, currawongs, crows, butcher birds and about six others I couldn’t name.

I got to the 10th and a couple of guys waved me through and then I ended up at the 16th tee thinking it was the 11th chatting to some folk who had just teed off. When I noticed the tee sign I asked where the 11th was (right behind me) and when I shot around to tee off the duo who had waved me through were at the tee.


They told me to continue and I rushed through the hole. I drop kicked my tee shot into the sand on the left (not a bunker just sand) then drove over it in the cart when I shot down to look for it. Needless to say my buried ball was tricky to get out. On the wee par 3 I shot a haphazard 7 and zipped off to the 12th.

I took a breath and nailed my drive straight down the fairway following up with some good golf and I loved every minute of it.

On the 18th I think I did the best drive I have ever done in my year and a half of golf. Everything just worked and I hit the ball sweetly and watched it soar, finishing up 200 metres away.

Golfing just makes me happy.


I then spent nearly an hour having a good golf chat with David about golf worldwide, the changes and adaptions that courses must make to engage with more social golfers, increase membership with local juniors and encourage more women to take up this fantastic sport.

Great morning, great golf chat then it was back to Adelaide for another 9 holes.

Sandy Creek Golf Club – December 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – David – Sandy Creek Golf Club 



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