The Grange Golf Club

The Grange Golf Club – West Course – December 2015 – My first taste of golf in Adelaide and I was not disappointed.

I joined members, Theo and Sam (who are friends) and then Matt Lisk joined us on the first tee. I don’t think Theo or Sam have had a hit with Matt before.


Matt is an amateur golfer who played at the Australian Open and while I didn’t meet him there, I did watch him tee off and boy can he hit.

There are two courses at the Grange and today we played the West Course as the East had an event going on. I was in the sand a bit today and a couple times it took me two goes getting out but it is all good practice.

As I am just golfing and not able to practice the only practice I am getting is actual play so I just keep trying as I know I can do good bunker shots, it just doesn’t always happen on the first go.


We let a couple of groups play through and one gentleman was definitely wearing his cranky pants. Not happy at all.

There are a lot of galahs on the course (and I don’t mean fellow golfers – well perhaps a few). The West Course is quite open but has a bit of sand, some bunkers and some just running the length of the fairway. I was under the trees a couple of times – lots of pine cones and very crunchy underfoot. The fairways had a great run on them providing you were heading in the right direction.

I was doing some great drives which were not even going half the distance Matt’s were and Theo and Sam can also hit a long ball. There were only a couple of holes where there was much of an advantage from red tees to white tees so I was always the last drive hit and the first ball played.

I was drop kicking my 3w a bit today but kept persevering and was glad I did, hitting some great shots on the back nine.

After nailing a shot I would follow up with a drop kick or top it and at one stage whacking it into Matt and Theo (well it hit Matt’s bag).

My putting was pretty good today with nice weight and I was reading the line most of the time. A couple of wayward ones but that is normal.

While I might not have been playing great, I did get to watch some great golf from all of the boys and today I had one of my best golf experiences to date.

As we stepped up to the 14th Matt threw a dart. He looks at it and thinks it has stopped so turns away but Theo, Sam and I are watching it and we see it get back spin and vanish from the green dropping into the hole. We were all cheering and I pulled out my camera zooming in confirming it was definitely a hole in one.



Matt getting his ball on the 14th.

Sam and I both lost our balls off the tee on the 14th but my care factor was nil. Matt had made my day, and it was him getting the hole in one.

I then hit a great tee shot off the 15th, followed that with a great 3w, hit a great 9 iron which was long and shot over the back of the green – I think I might have hit the best 9 iron I have hit to date – then a great chip that finished fairly close to the pin and I dropped the putt, getting a nice 5.

Five actual golf shots in a row.

How can I be anything but happy?

Last night I watched all my YouTube lessons with Dave again so I was conscious of various parts of my swing which is probably not what you want to be doing when you are playing. Without being able to practice consistently at the moment, I was working on things throughout the day.

Grip, shoulder turn, and if I felt like I was aligned too far left and too close to the ball I was probably in the correct position.

A year and a half in and while no pars or birdies today, I had a couple of good bogies and I do have another six or so rounds this week.

The Grange Golf Course – December 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Sam, Theo & Matt


With Matt, Theo and Sam.


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