Methinks I’m Obsessed

Hi I’m Tiffany and I’m a golf addict. I realized that I may have moved on from addicted to obsessed and while I do have a lot of other interests,  mostly I just golf.

I finished working on the film and had a wonderful time with a great bunch of people. While working very long hours it has enabled me to continue pursuing my passion – golf.

I work just enough to cover my expenses of my golfing, travelling and volunteering adventures.

I have bought my airline ticket to Abu Dhabi and on to Barcelona and am excited to be going to both places. I am visiting and golfing in UAE and volunteering and golfing for three months in Barcelona. Not only do I hope to improve my Spanish but I also want to take salsa lessons while I am there.

I applied for and received media accreditation for the Australian Open and the difference from attending last years final day to spending six days at the golf this year was phenomenal.

Since finishing on the film I had a couple days editing videos then caddied for a day, followed by six days at the Australian Open.

I met pro Jason Norris at the Open and when he mentioned he had tickets to the Sydney FC vs Wellington match I might have invited myself. It was a stunning evening – just a boring nil all draw but good company and plenty of laughs.


Now that is a sunset. 

This week I golfed at Moore Park Golf on Monday, Tuesday I played at Newcastle Golf Club, Wednesday I edited golf videos, Thursday I played at Mt Broughton, Friday I golfed at Highlands Golf Club and Saturday I flew to Adelaide for an eight day golf tour.

Definitely obsessed.

I was able to catch up with a couple of friends between rounds and popped in and saw my favourite god children, enjoying the serenity of Carla and Zac’s bush retreat / new house.


The view from my bedroom/music room at Carla and Zac’s

I met Matt on the plane and we chatted all things golf from take off until picking up our baggage. We talked about food and fitness as well but mostly golf. He is not only a fellow golf enthusiast but a Remedial Massage Therapist who has worked with professional golfers and helps everyday golfers get the best form they can.

It was very hot 35 degrees celsius when I arrived in Adelaide and black jeans and enclosed shoes was a poor wardrobe choice but I grabbed my clubs, picked up the hire car, stopped for smoothie supplies and arrived at my accommodation.

Accommodation that boasts a lovely in ground pool. A quick change and I spent the afternoon poolside, actually reading a book. I haven’t done that in a while.

I must admit I did feel a little guilty with all the editing I had to do, but I am doing it for myself, there is no timeframe, so read I did.


Yes I was winning at one stage. 

Today I slept in for the first time in 12 weeks. I didn’t have to get up for anything or to go anywhere. There was no schedule today so after getting up at 9.30am, I donned my gym gear and headed out into the wall of heat for a run.

36 degrees at that hour. It was kind of choking.

As I ran down the road I noticed that the paved front yard of my hosts was a good choice considering the baked, dry grass that adorned a lot of other homes in the neighbourhood.

I ran to a local park and as per Jim (my host) no children were playing in the park as it was just too hot. There was a lady with a dog who was quite interested in me (the dog not the lady) when I started to do sit-ups. I kept a keen eye out as I had just witnessed him peeing in the water dish and on a pole and on a post as he came ever closer to me.

I just didn’t want to also get peed on. The lady had to come over and physically drag him away.

I used a park bench in the baking sun to do tricep dips but it was the burpees that very nearly killed me. I think not working out enough in the past month, trying to suck in extremely hot air and not a lick of shade may have stopped my workout short.

Well that is what I tell myself.


Right bunker but great out, followed by awesome putt and par it is. 

I ran a lap of the oval before stopping and asking a man running fairy lights if there was a bubbler I could use before I passed out. He invited me to the community Christmas party they were having that afternoon. I advised I had just flown in but he reiterated the invitation and pointed out the tap.

I drank just a little before running off back to my house.

The only other plan I had today was to get a pedicure. My feet had been in steel cap boots for the duration of the shoot and then back in golf shoes and needed an angle grinder to cut my claws.

Perhaps a slight exaggeration.

I am not sure if it is the massage chair, the foot massage or just looking at my freshly painted nails I like best.

Golf shoes tend to ruin a pedicure so I usually only have a day to appreciate it.

I spent the afternoon editing golf videos and invited Jordan Spieth to come to PEI to golf and eat. We have amazing courses and delicious food and I figure he can only ignore me.

I made him a video invitation that I tweeted to him.

Why not indeed!


Great outlook at Moore Park Golf

The rest of the week I will be golfing.

Tomorrow it is The Grange, Tuesday I am golfing with Steven a friend from twitter – I am just not sure where, Wednesday I am going to Sandy Creek, Thursday I will be playing Royal Adelaide and Friday I’ll be at Kooyonga. Saturday and Sunday who knows?

I look back on my last year and a half of golf and cannot believe some of the experiences I have had and the people I have met.

With all the serendipitous meetings I sure am following the right fairway.

I have so many adventures lined up in the next twelve months and while travel and food are certainly involved they all revolve around golf.

Nothing wrong with that!


Winner – Matt Jones



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