Highlands Golf Club

Highlands Golf Club – December 2015 A beautiful day to play my 47th course since I started golfing in July last year.

I had arranged to play nine holes with Head Professional Scott Martyn and upon arrival he informed me we were playing with a couple of members and were playing “the chooks run”.

The Chooks Run is hole one to four then fourteen through eighteen.


The 7th green

Before the rest of our crew arrived, I headed out to explore, play and film the rest of the course, starting on the 5th.

I was glad I grabbed a map or I would have taken a few wrong turns.

I did some great drives and had a “golf” moment after teeing off into the water on the 12th and then doing a perfect chip to finish inches from the hole for an easy four.

If only the ball always came off my club so well.


The only birdies I saw today (except for Dave’s)

I met a couple of grounds staff who warned me about snakes as they had already seen a couple today. I hate snakes and the only thing worse than running into one on the golf course would be if a clown popped out of the trees.

Thankfully, I did not see any snakes (or clowns) and after playing nine I headed in to meet the rest of the crew.


with Dave, Kev, Tommo and Scott

I did a spot of putting practice and watched some of the PGA on television checking to see how my new favourites and friends were hitting them in QLD before heading out to tee it up once again.

I did some good drives and while I did drop kick my 3w, this is back to mostly being my friend.

The boys were a lot of fun and we laughed a lot – mostly at each others golf.

Today was the first time in my golf career that I had to shoot backwards. After a wayward tee shot, I  was in the trees and did not have a shot forward so had to punch the ball back onto the fairway behind me.

I had a nice par on the 17th and followed that up with three in the water on the 18th but that is golf and I love it.

This course has great changes in elevation and some strategically placed water which make it a good challenge of golf.

While I want to master golf, I don’t want an easy course.

Highlands Golf Club

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Dave, Thommo, Kev & Scotty – Highlands Golf Club


Great spot in Mittagong


Golfie while playing solo

2 responses to “Highlands Golf Club

  1. I’m always happy if I get a birdie on the scorecard but lately my best has been pars (and bogies and doubles but no birdies). I’m always happy golfing to be honest. Hope you are still able to have a hit.
    Cheers, Tiff


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