Newcastle Golf Club

Newcastle Golf Club – December 2015 While I had already arranged to play a round at Newcastle Golf Club through Mark Gilson, I met member Mark Ingrey at the Australian Open last week and we decided it would be fun to tee it up at his home track together.

And fun it was.


Mark is not really that short – I am standing on the cart.

It was hot, about thirty five degrees celsius and I was very happy to have a cart to get a little breeze as we zipped around the course.

Paul (the GM) advised there had been some winter damage but I didn’t notice. The winter damage on PEI was absolutely brutal and this track is in great condition. The fairways have a good run and the greens are a pleasure to putt on.

He also mentioned the snakes. I hate snakes and while I saw lots of warning signs (and Mark told me stories) I was pleased to not see any.

I love golf regardless – give me a hole and pin to aim at and I am happy but the 3rd to the 8th holes at this course are a must play.

I did seem to fix a lot of pitch repairs though which I do find annoying and  my first trip to the beach was in someone’s footprint. Very annoying. I had a shocker in the sand yesterday and struggled to get the ball out cleanly, in not one but I think by the 18th (yes I hit the trap there too) I was up to about ten bunkers.


About to hit the beach once again

Clearly I am directionally challenged.

My driving was steady all day and I dropped some amazing putts. I stepped up to my ball twenty five metres from the pin and told Mark I was going to hole it and save par. Hole it I did which neither of us could quite believe.

I did this a couple more times. Perhaps I just need to talk to the ball.

Mark and I had a lot of fun and laughed most of the way (not just at my bunker shots).

I can see why this course hovers around in the top twenty best in Australia.


Great day for golf

And then there were the practice facilities. Wow. I wanted to move into Jason Laws Golf Academy. What an amazing set up! If you live anywhere near Newcastle this is the place to practice.

As we got to the academy there was a lesson underway on the fairway with Paramobile as part of the Stand up and Play initiative. It made me very happy to see paraplegics still able to enjoy a game they love.

What a fantastic program!

If you haven’t yet played at Newcastle Golf Club, add it to your list.

Newcastle Golf Club

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Mark – Newcastle Golf Club



2 responses to “Newcastle Golf Club

  1. Hi Tiffany. My name is Pat French and I am an EWGA member in Orange County California. I saved an EWGA article from months ago about you playing golf in Long Island NY. I will be golfing my way through Australia for a month beginning 3/17/2015 in Sydney. Some of my EWGA friends will likely be with me for various weeks. I would like to connect with you for help planning my golf trip to Australia (likely Brisbane to Melbourne) and definitely play some golf with you. Email me back so we can connect. And put Southern California on your travel plans. Pat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pat, Great to hear from you. I will be happy to help you plan your golfing adventures in Australia and while I have not yet golfed in Brisbane or Melbourne I can provide you with some information and courses recommended to me. I would love to play with you but in March I will be in Barcelona (golfing and doing volunteer work) so will just have to come and visit you in Southern California. My email is so flick me an email and we can chat further. Cheers, Tiff


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