Moore Park Golf

Moore Park Golf – November 2015 After watching golf for the last seven days it was nice to be out there swinging my clubs again.

I was a little rusty and while I duffed my first tee shot with a bit of a drop kick the rest of my drives were pretty spot on.

I played with Matt Tierney, the Trainee at the club.


with Matt

Moore Park Golf is in the middle of Sydney and while main artery roads surround the course, it is surprisingly quiet.

The first hole is in front of the club house and then you cross the road over an elevated bridge, play eight holes then cross back over for the tenth.


There are quite a few changes of elevation with the undulating hills and my hybrids and 3W wasn’t as consistent as I liked so I pulled out my six iron for the second time ever since I have owned it.

Turns out I should pull it out more often as I nailed the shot and in fact hit it quite a bit longer than I anticipated.


My front nine was very ordinary, a few good shots here and there, while my playing partner Matt was consistently good.

I picked up and played better on the back nine dropping some nice putts and picking up three pars. I had some great shots on the back nine and I nailed my 8 iron, a lovely golf shot, that finished feet from the pin.

The view from the 18th tee is amazing with Sydney Tower in the back ground while the fairway rolls away in front of you.


On the 18th tee

I spent quite a bit of time in the shade under trees, hitting tree after tree after tree but only on one hole.

One thing that I do love about this track are the practicing facilities.

Who doesn’t love a driving range and one with sixty bays means you should always be able to practice and I do love practicing as much as I play.

Moore Park Golf

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Matt – Moore Park Golf


The three level range next to the 18th.





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