Day 3 – Hanging with the Pros


Could today have been any better? I don’t think so.

I made some new golf friends, interviewed Antonio Murdaca and hung out at the range, pitching green and in the Players Lounge with Norrey and Rod.

Not a bad day at all.

As I was chatting with Antonio by the putting greens, Ian Baker-Finch asked me how I was on his way past. Frank Williams had told me to contact him so when I saw him on Wednesday I walked over, introduced myself and we had a bit of a golf chat.

He must have recognized my big sun hat today while chatting with Antonio.


Golfie with Antonio


Antonio and I had been trying to catch up all week for an interview and while we stood in the lobby of the Players Lounge,  Spieth headed out to have a practice on the putting green.


Spieth getting his eye in

Besides walking to the 1st tee to snap a photo of Nick Cullen starting his round, I didn’t get further than the 10th tee box and in fact stayed there for nearly two hours chatting to my new golf friends, Terry and Tony and photographing all the players as they teed off.


Cullen starting his round


New golf buddies Terry and Tony

By lunch time my phone battery was dead and it was off to the media centre to recharge.  I actually sat for twenty minutes before heading back out intending on watching Cullen come through the 16th but detoured going to meet Norrey and Rod on the putting green.

I headed with them to the range, whispering at Norrey as we went by security that I didn’t think I was allowed here. Last year I was standing on the other side of the fence watching pros warm up, this year I am getting a couple of tips on the range and the chipping green by a pro.


Let’s hope it improves my golf.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Norrey and Rod chatting about golf (mostly) before we went up to the Players Lounge and watched the last of the groups come through on television.

It is a little surreal watching the golf on television when it is happening outside the windows but I wasn’t complaining as I was sitting in pretty good company.

Does sitting with great golfers make me a better golfer?

As I was walking back to the media centre I spotted a couple of well dressed lads, Dave Owen wearing Loudmouth and Tim Walker in Royal and Awesome. I stopped them in their tracks asked for/demanded a photo for my website.


Dave and Tim

How could I not?

On my way to the car I was stopped by Terry and Tony who introduced me to their mates, gave me hugs and reminded me I was to call them when I return from my golf tour of Adelaide.

Terry told me I had made his day chatting with them this morning and I must say we I had a great time and we did have lots of laughs.

I assured them I would and continued on my merry way smiling at the wonderful day I had just experienced.

I heard someone yelling out my name and stopped and met Matt Tierney, who I am scheduled to play golf with at Moore Park on Monday.

Turns out he recognized me from my photos on my website.

Someone is reading about my golfing adventures after all!


with Matt, my playing partner for Monday



2 responses to “Day 3 – Hanging with the Pros

  1. Wow. What an adventure.
    I love your question, ‘would hanging out with great golfers make you a better player’? I don’t see how it could hurt. Asking the right questions and being observant of their approach, routine and any relevant swing tips, in addition to what they may share with you would certainly help. The fact you can play this week too must help.

    I love reading about this and hope tomorrow has an exciting finish and more adventures.

    Cheers, Mike.

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