Day 2 – My Alternate Open

After sitting by the 7th green yesterday and being the only spectator watching some of the groups come through I decided today I would showcase some of the talented players who may not have a huge following of spectators.  While some have missed the cut, they have played at the Australian Open and their golf should be celebrated.


Hamza Amin chipping on the 16th

On arrival this morning I could pick where Scott was, as swarms of spectators lined the ropes. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in Scott, but I wanted to watch some other golfers.


Klein, Hale and Park on the 16th

I was interested in Norrey, Cullen, Blizard and Murdaca perhaps because I had interviewed them earlier in the week and wanted to see how they went. I’d also told Murdaca I would take a couple of photos for him today as he loved the photo I had snapped yesterday.


Mitch Davis collecting his ball after chipping in on the 16th


Nabil Abdul dropping a long putt and matching Davis’ birdie on the 16th 

The weather was a lot cooler today – ten degrees cooler, although at times I was still roasting. Constant sunscreen application and still I burn in the hot Australian sun.

I only watched amateur Ryan Ruffels for one hole but boy can he hit a ball. I believe he will do great things (me with my fifteen months golfing knowledge). Another amateur who I was impressed watching was Bryson DeChambeau who had a lovely touch around the greens. He also gave a signed card to a junior golfer and made his day. He may well have made himself a fan for life.


Spieth checking out his line on the 15th

I was asked yesterday what players I thought interacted with fans the best and took note of a few today.  Ogilvy (who gave a ball to the same junior I was with) and Cullen responded to the boy following his congratulations on a great shot. That really made the little guy happy.

It is not much but I am sure he will tell his friends that Cullen spoke directly to him. Spieth gave a very excited man his ball as he made his way to the 16th and not long after that, Mark (my new golf friend) phoned me to tell me that on request, Spieth had stopped what he was doing to pose for a photo with his young son.

Spieth’s giving a fan a ball on the way off the green after bogeying the hole straight after a birdie was a little more impressive than Rumford’s tossing his ball toward the crowd after missing a putt. It looked a little petulant from where I was standing and Allenby also seemed to have his cranky pants on today.


Yeongsu Kim dropping the ball onto the green with ease

A lot of golf chat (funnily enough) went on today as I met so many fellow addicts out and about.


Brothers Ken and Phil Howell 

I spoke briefly with a couple of friends that are volunteers who were quire surprised at my media accreditation. In fact, I first met Sylv last Australian Open when he was volunteering and I played with him at his home track (which was then Woollahra) not long after.

While some of the guys I interviewed the other day didn’t make the cut a few of them did, so I think I will spend most of my time tomorrow following them.

I am loving my first complete tournament experience and everywhere I turn great golf is being played.


Norrey working those hips

I am photographing and tweeting and talking and loving every minute of it.

I can’t wait for more of the same tomorrow.


Murdaca off the 10th – my favourite photo of the day


Bowditch and Clarke having a chat as they head to the 16th


Nabil Abdul teeing off the 17th as Davis looks on


Bryson DeChambeau chipping with finesse on the 15th


Jones and Allenby on the 7th


Amin about to give it a good nudge on the 17th 


The leaderboard earlier today, couple of  changes since then. 

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