Day 1 – Australian Open


Norrey & Rod checking out the line

Today was hot. Very hot. Thirty nine degree hot. Celsius that is.

I started my day at the first green and watched a couple of groups come through before joining Jason Norris’ entourage. We were willing the ball in at times but sometimes it just didn’t want to drop.

The wind was up and it wasn’t easy golf for anyone. Norrey finished the day two over which has him currently tied for forty six.

After following for six holes I headed off to The Village to meet up with a fellow golf blogger, Michael Green from Aussie Golfer. We had a golf chat for a bit before he had to go to his real job.

Right now for me, watching, writing and filming at the golf is my job. No one employs me to do it is all. I do it for the love of it.

I popped into the media centre grabbing a couple bottles of water before heading out in the heat to follow Nick Cullen for a while.


Spieth Spotters

A sea of Spieth spotters showed me exactly where I needed to go and wait as Cullen was two groups behind Spieth. I sat in a man’s shade hoping he would stay a while but he moved on as soon as Spieth cleared the green and I was back in the glaring sun.

Most people were off chasing Jordan so I stretched out my legs and glanced at the gentleman who sat nearby. I thought I recognized him and took of my sunglasses and big sunhat and said hello to Ross (my friend Carly’s dad) who randomly sat beside me.

I had played with Ross last year at Wollongong Golf Course and we chatted about golf while Chalmers, Bowditch and Clarke came through.


Nick Cullen marking his tee shot on the 4th

Nick Cullen stepped on to the tee and dropped the ball within a foot of the pin. I, (along with many others) applauded the great shot and I overheard a man say to a woman beside me that it must make her a proud mother.

I introduced myself to Julia, Nick’s mum and told her about me interviewing Nick yesterday and we got chatting. I was planning on following Nick for a bit so I joined Julia and her husband Grant and watched Nick get two birdies in a row (he was on a three birdie run) then follow that with a run of three pars.


Looking back down the 18th

Not bad at all. Nick can certainly whack a ball. Nick finished the day one under.

I was glad I was just watching golf today and trying to find small patches of shade to hide for a bit as I knew I had hours left in the heat and sun.

I found a camera scaffold tower near the 18th so I sat and watched a few groups come through.


Antonio Murdaca getting it out of the bunker easily on the 18th


Norrey on the 18th. 

I do believe I may have drank thirty seven bottles of water and was constantly coating myself in sunscreen. Rubbing it into the dirt that had kicked up on my legs. Very nice indeed.

After tweeting up a storm, I then headed to the media centre again with the hope I didn’t have to walk back to the car for my phone charger. Turns out I did. Not many folk have a good old iPhone 4 these days. Rhys, one of the very nice volunteers drove me up the hill so I was saved a bit of a walk.

I sat in the car in the sun on a thirty nine degree day charging my phone, so I should not have been at all surprised when the security guard came over asking if I was ok. He suggested to move into the shade which I did immediately. I ate my little golf snacks while I waited for enough charge to continue my afternoon round of tweeting while watching balls being whacked around the course.


Lynch, Stephens and Price on the 7th green

I grabbed some more water from the media centre then stopped in the shade of a tree on the 7th and watched four groups come through. At one stage I was the only person watching the boys golf, besides the volunteer –  who was still doing all the hand movements for quiet please even though I was in fact the only person there.

These guys are playing at the Australian Open and when Summers, Giles and Houston holed out, I applauded them as they had all played some wonderful shots around the green and while I might have been one of the only spectators to witness it, I sure did appreciate it.


Summers, Giles & Houston heading to the 7th pin


Hamza Amin lining up on the 7th

I stayed to watch Hamza who I had interviewed yesterday and while I was planning on watching Nabil Adul (best beatboxer on the tour) my phone was dead so off to the media centre for some cool air and phone charging.

I will watch Nabil golf tomorrow.

Phone charged and armed with a couple more bottles of water, I was off to hunt down Adam Scott who had just teed off on the 16th.


Adam Scott putting on the 16th 


George McNeill on the 17th

Colsaerts on the upswing, Scott with caddie Williams watching on, Senden teeing it up.

Back to the media centre for a bit of a golf chat before I headed out in peak hour traffic. Rookie mistake – Sydney traffic sucks.

But my day didn’t.

I have said it before, but how can you not love golf?



2 responses to “Day 1 – Australian Open

  1. Tiffany – sounds like another awesome day! I’m definitely a bit jealous of this experience. Out of the golfers you’ve seen so far, who would you say you’re the most impressed with? Not just their golf, but interaction with fans, attitude, etc…


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds amazing, what an experience. 39c?! Wow. It’s a mild 9c here in Toronto. You’re making the most of this experience and it’s enjoyable to read about it and see the pics. Stay hydrated and looking forward to more.
    Cheers, Mike.

    Liked by 1 person

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