Back to Golf

We had a week off filming which meant I could get back out golfing and I played a round with Frank at Mt Broughton. Considering I had played the worst nine holes in at least a year two weeks prior at Woollahra, I was very happy to shoot 54 on the back nine. This is the best I have shot to date at Mt Broughton.


Yes they are flies on my nose and Frank’s chin

Frank was impressed with my improvement over the last six months which made me smile. Or it could have been the fact I had a fairway under my feet that had me smiling.

Killing Ground has wrapped and it is nice to go back to a normal life, well as normal as my life gets.

Last week was hectic – long hours trying to get the film complete and a couple of overnight shoots to finish up. We wrapped at 3am Friday morning, I left set by 5am and only hours later the place was on fire. It was forty two degrees and windy and I am thankful we were out of the place.

It did cross my mind that one of the crew set it alight to ensure we never went back but no one admitted it at the wrap party.

The last thing I wanted to do Friday night was go to the wrap party but I am very glad I did. While I made some wonderful new friends on the shoot, Friday night I spoke with people I had never really chatted to.


Off to the wrap party


Pole dancing on set


It gets very dark out in the bush

It was a great experience and has paid for me to continue pursuing my first love – golf.

I am back to golfing and eating my way around the world.

First stop Monday was Carnarvon Golf Club where I was caddying (my first caddie stint) for Davyd Reeves in an Australian Open qualifier. While he shot 1 under, he was a couple stokes off the cut.

By the third hole I was selecting the correct club for him (mostly) and preempting his needs. Surely that means I am a good caddie?


Carnarvon Golf Club

I met a lady while I was watching the guys warm up, who was thinking about joining a club and taking up golf. After twenty minutes with me raving about how good golf is, she was going to join a club. I did tell her to investigate which course had the best practice facilities in the area.

Maybe it is just me but I do like to practice as much as I like to play.

When I first arrived back in Australia I had the idea of applying for media accreditation for the Australian Open.

Last year when I had only been playing golf for three months, I spent ten hours wandering around on my own watching amazing golfers. I watched this young guy, Jordan Spieth shoot a record 63 and decided I wanted to get in on the action.

Turns out I am a good communicator as I talked my way into getting accreditation and I spent today at the Australian Open.


My next five days.

I seem to be the only random with accreditation who is not with a tv channel, magazine or newspaper.


I sat in on all three press conferences, the first with Trevor Herden (Australian Open Championship Director) followed by Peter Senior and topped off with Jordan Spieth. I know it is a little strange but how good is that?

I loved it and tweeted up a storm.


The hole is behind you Jordan!

I then wandered around with my camera filming bits and pieces, learning from watching practice drills.


Roger Cleveland giving Jun Seok Lee bunker tips

I stumbled across Craig Parry getting a bunker lesson from Roger Cleveland. I watched Roger teach Craig how to consistently hit flop shots out of the bunker with a 7 iron he had choked right down on.

Who knew? This is something I will be trying when I am next practicing my bunker shots.

I wasn’t too shy (shy is something I am not) to ask Jonno from Callaway who Roger was, as being new to golf I readily admit my knowledge is lacking, but I am continually learning.


Jordan Spieth with Australia’s next generation of golfers.

I then watched Jordan Spieth gave a few pointers to sixty lucky young golfers, disappointedly only nine of them were girls, but the delight on their little faces was awesome.

I lamented to the guy beside me about the lack of girls. Turns out Mark works at Jack Newton Junior Golf and certainly felt my pain.

Why is women’s golf lacking in this country? Ladies are definitely better represented in North America but what is stopping women picking up a club?

Perhaps they are unaware of the pleasure of getting a good solid whack on a ball.

All that aside, Mark and I will be teeing it up in Newcastle next week and are now following each other on Twitter.

I love Twitter.

Social media has enabled me to do what I love – golf and eat my way around the world.

Twitter has not only connected me with golf enthusiasts/addicts from all over but it also connected me with my new business partner, Jeremy.

Golf IQ Media is our brand and we offer social media strategy advice and implementation for golf clubs, golf businesses and individuals.


Love our logo

I will be golfing all next week and have a golf tour of Adelaide the following week but before that I have five more days at the Australian Open.

How lucky am I?

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