Brudenell River Golf Course

Brudenell River Golf Course – May to September 2015 – Today I played my “fare the well” round at Brudenell River with Dee and Timmy. It was spontaneous, as my plans changed and as it was a magic day (there is no other word for it), I decided golf it was.

What a day for golf!

What a day for golf!

I rocked up around three and putted and chipped for near an hour before I joined Dee and Timmy and headed on out.

My golf today wasn’t exceptional however it was a good solid farewell round and considering the last two holes were played in the dark – tricky to play when you can’t see anything – I was happy with everything.

We had lots of laughs and Dee was glad she stuck with us and played the back nine. Her golf was so much more relaxed on the back nine as she had been doing what I used to do and expecting that you can hit as well as your playing partners. You can’t – you need to play your own game.

When I was four months in to golf I used to look at my golf buddy Craig, and ask why I couldn’t play like him. He’d only been playing 20+ years and had a handicap of 4.

Just a little bit of fun was had

Just a little bit of fun was had

Patience is your biggest friend in golf and it doesn’t help to look at what someone else can do with their club, you need to understand what you can do with yours. I appreciate that my shit shots are getting better and that while I struggled with my driver on a few holes today, my driver, my putter and my 7 iron are my favourite clubs. That said I know what I can do with all clubs in my bag and I am on line most of the time and as I continue to play my touch will only get better.

How can I be unhappy with that?

What an afternoon for golf!

Bloody gorgeous.

Last summer (I work in Club 19) I started hitting balls on the range at Brudenell before and after work. I had bought a set of clubs at a yard sale and would hit the whole stack of four hundred. If I wasn’t happy with the last twenty or so I would move to the next stack and hit a hundred more. The members thought I was nuts but I loved it. Nothing like getting a satisfying whack on a ball.

Playing so many different sports throughout my life, I could connect with the ball from the outset however after been shown how to hold a club and dropping thirty six strokes off my next round it was then that I was in.



What was I doing before golf?

As I was just learning, I was nervous to play Brudenell last summer as I didn’t want to drop kick balls down the fairway, hacking all the way. I had played a couple of holes here and there and today noted that on the 10th I now use a nine iron and was using my driver there last year – quite the improvement.

I did par the eleventh hole on my first round here (after only playing for three months) but it was only by sheer luck that I skipped my mishit seven iron across the water and it popped up next to the pin for an easy one foot putt. I couldn’t replicate that shot ever again but that day the golf gods were in my favour.

Perhaps they felt bad about the donation of two balls to the water I had sacrificed on the 10th.

There is something about golfing beside a river and the Brudenell River Golf Course has so many “somethings”. Picturesque holes adjacent to the river with a few elevation changes, water crossings and some well placed bunkers make it a great challenge.

It is always busy and can be difficult to get on (hence why I was a member at Dundarave too) but I am happy to golf with anyone and pop my head in the starters shed, see if there are any two or threesomes heading out and join random strangers all the time.

If I can’t get on for a while I will either go to the range and practice until I can, or shoot off to play Dundarave.

Yesterday while I buzzed around getting some additional footage I realized how much I have come to love this course. While I too was upset by the winter damage that hit Brudenell this year, as I had only played the course once in it’s entirety last summer I hadn’t known it at it’s best. The members were heartbroken seeing the shape it was in this year.



I must say while the greens were a little woolly and slow today (you adjust after a hole or two) it was nice to note that the course had bounced back well and was simply stunning.

Today, I was reminded just how beautiful the place is – it was a perfect mid September afternoon with a warm breeze blowing off the water.

I was in my happy place – I had great company, lots of “proper” golf shots off my club, a zero putt, and with some tricky bunker work to negotiate,  I had a wonderful round.

I can only hope winter is kind this year.

Brudenell River Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Anne Chouinard – Brudenell River Golf Course

I love golf.

I love golf.



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  1. Played Brudenell last year. First course I’ve played that was a 6,6,6. Just returned from PEI and Nova Scotia. Played Green Gables and Crow Bush on PEI and Cabot Cliffs on Cape Breton.


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