Indian Vegetable Curry

This is a go to dish and has been for a few years as Sheldon and I both liked cooking curries. We ate a lot of vegetable curries in Costa Rica. We’d bike to the markets and load up with vegetables, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, a tin of coconut milk and you are set. The only thing that can make this better is sprinkling it with toasted sunflower seeds.

Whipping up some Indian

Whipping up some Indian

Last night I was having people for dinner – it was the Yahtzee championship of 2015, which Colby won. I had just bought a bunch of vegetables that I was planning on chopping up and freezing as I didn’t think I’d eat it all but now had the perfect meal. I didn’t need to pick up a thing. I had a delightful afternoon cooking not only the curry but a batch of coconut delights.

I didn’t have any fresh ginger or turmeric but had dried, and in a dry pan added one tablespoon of turmeric (I am guestimating as I threw in everything I had), ground coriander, cumin, vindaloo curry powder (I get this from the spice lady at the farmers market), curry powder. (around a tablespoon of each spice). I dry roast these until my eyes are watering and I’m choking on the fumes – seriously though I love the smell but once they are overpowering I add a good splash of olive oil. 

While that heats up I cut two brown onions in hunks, dice a sweet potato, and roughly chop a small cauliflower. If I had any green vegetables like zucchini or beans they would have also been added.

My spice jars

My spice jars

To the hot oil and spice mix I add the onions and stir. I usually have a tin of tomatoes but only had a small can of tomato paste and 4 vine ripened tomatoes. I peeled the skin off the tomatoes and chopped roughly before adding to the onion and spices. I threw in the rest of the vegetables and the tin of tomato paste. I then added about one cup of water, stirring all the while.

I like to use a deep, big based frypan so there is space for everything to cook evenly. One tin of coconut milk is added and stirred through. I simmer this for hours. Yesterday it was only for two hours sometimes it is longer. I find indian always tastes better the longer it cooks and the leftovers the next day. Wow.

It wasn’t until my friends arrived and Jen walked in saying she loved what she was smelling that i realized I hadn’t even asked if they eat Indian. These guys are always up for different food that I cook so they were all happy to try it.

I should have known from my dinner party the other week that I should always check. At the dinner party I had made a potato and leek soup for starter and the main was roast lamb (it had been in the slow cooker for eight hours and just melted in your mouth) piled on couscous with a yoghurt dressing.

Half of my dinner guests didn’t eat lamb. Ooops.

I should have learnt.

Anyway Colby tasted it and Hal had a small serve and Jen and I gobbled it up.

I was cooking up a storm and had coconut delights I was trying to chocolate, so was melting chocolate as I was toasting sunflower seeds and cooking rice. The rice and sunflower seeds were fantastic but there was just too much steam action on the stove top and the chocolate seized.

I now have very ugly but delicious coconut delights that will still be taken to crossfit on Saturday as planned.

Back to the curry, Jen and I sprinkled a good handful of seeds and while I offered yoghurt, none of us needed it and I didn’t have any fresh herbs so we were good to go.

I was happy that Colby and Halle didn’t like it as much as Jen and I so I had leftovers for lunch. They did love the coconut delights but alas I only allowed them one each as the rest are for me to take to the gym.

I told Coleen at work I had indian and as she said she loved indian I heated up a bowl for her to try.

Seems it was a hit as she sent me a text “PLEASE may we get ur yummy recipe?”

Col, this is for you. Enjoy.

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