Dundarave Golf Course

Dundarave Golf Course – May to September 2015 – After starting golf in July 2014 and stating that next year I planned to be a member at Brudenell and Dundarave I was told point blank by numerous members that I was a fool to waste my money as I wouldn’t be able to play Dundarave.

Challenge accepted and nailed, (I would say), considering my first outing here I shot a 104. 52 out, 52 in – and that included my airswing, lost ball and lots of crap thrown in.

Dundarave (8th)

Dundarave (8th)

Since then I have shot a 94 and a 99. I like a challenge and this course gives me one every time I play.

I love it. And while I love Brudenell (I am a member at both courses as they sit side by side on the same property), my favourite is Dundarave. I can’t explain why – it just is.

I have played this course dozens of times with friends, random strangers, in competitions and solo and loved it every time. I have done the best drive of my 14 month golfing career on the 9th with a 210 yard drive, have chipped it in a couple of times, dropped a 40 foot putt off the green last week and while there has also been a lot of ordinary, who remembers those?

with Lisa

with Lisa

I have made new friends on this course after playing with some guests at the resort and I will be going to play their home tracks in Ontario and Nova Scotia next summer. They may well be back to play my home tracks again.

Dundarave is my happy place and I love it best when I am out there on my own with a couple of balls practicing in the late afternoon sunshine.

Great first round at Dundarave

Great first round at Dundarave

I already am looking forward to next summer.

Dundarave Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – John Michael, D, Thomas – Dundarave Golf Course


Another golfie on the 17th


Gorgeous day for golf

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