Mill River Golf Course

Mill River Golf Course August & September 2015 – I have played Mill River Golf Course twice now,  today with the Head Pro, Mark and last month with a mate visiting from Australia. The first time i played in the Western Shootout (two person scramble) with my mate Elissa. We had a great time whacking balls all over – somewhat directionally challenged but a great day nonetheless.

Today, I had the pleasure of playing with Mark and got a running commentary of the course and it’s history as Mark has worked here for decades and is a wealth of knowledge. The course has had a couple of redesigns, adding holes along Mill River and adjusting greens to suit requirements for international tournaments.

This is a great track and has so many challenges, one of the biggest being the ball is above or below your feet a lot of the time. I did ok for the most part with this as I had been working on exactly that with Dave Bowlan at my last golf lesson. A couple of times I dropped kicked it but the ball still shot forward down the fairway fifty yards or so.

I was all arms a bit today and not loading my legs or using my core, which made the drop kicks worse. I dropped kicked my driver twice – you never want to get mud on your driver. My ball still went forward (always good) just not the great whack I had envisioned and once Mark mentioned this I didn’t have the issue again.

While I know what I should be doing and how my body should load I like to leave that thought process for the range when I am practicing. When I am golfing I just like to keep it simple with my swing thought being “one, two and three”.

Five holes with water in play and I donated three balls to various bodies of water. I wasn’t too bothered as I only just missed what I was trying to do and on one occasion hit an amazing hybrid which just clipped a tree. As I haven’t been striking well with the hybrids, I was happy regardless.

The seventh hole is very unique with a lateral water hazard running pretty much the length of the hole. One of my spider balls now resides there and after taking a drop, I didn’t hit my next shot well then nailed my 9 iron onto the green.

My bad shots are reducing and I had some great golf shots today just not enough as my golf was more mediocre with the great sprinkled in. I was happy that my three wood is nearly back and hit some great balls with it today.

While Mark got me excited telling me I had managed a 99 I double checked and actually shot 108 – I think he missed my pesky 9 on the 11th.

Next year I will be back and with another year of golf under my belt I look forward to negotiating this track once again.

Mill River Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Mark Roberts – Mill River Golf Course


Mill River


with Mark

At Mill River

At Mill River

Mill River

Mill River

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