EWGA – Ladies of Long Island

@onerandomaussie and @LIGreekGolfer

@onerandomaussie and @LIGreekGolfer

I spent four days this week in Long Island golfing and eating with a wonderful bunch of fellow fairway foodies – EWGA Long Island Chapter (and yes for SOA fans I still get a giggle out of this but it is not a bikie gang but a gang of golfers).

Earlier this year, I met Irene (@LIGreekGolfer) on Twitter and we connected over our shared passion of golf and food. She invited me to play with her in Long Island and fast forward four months, there I was at her door.

Irene arranged a dinner at her place so I could meet some of the women I would be golfing with at Glen Cove. As I golf mostly with men, it was nice to meet and play with a great bunch of women.


Ev, Gayle, Melanie, Irene, me, Kathy, Karen and Laura


An international feast


Delicious fare


Delectable treats

We popped to the beach then cooked up a storm chatting all things golf and food – swapping recipes and golf stories.

Tobay Beach - Long Island

Tobay Beach – Long Island

Glen Cove is a great track overlooking Long Island Sound and we had a lot of fun. Lots of laughs (Melanie and Irene were giggling so much, Gayle had to direct them to tee up) and we all played some good golf. My short game is improving a lot and I am pleased to see some great chips coming off my club.

Gayle, Tommy, me, John, Irene & Melanie

Gayle, Tommy, me, John, Irene & Melanie

The other guys (Mary, Karen, Laura & Evelyn)

The other guys (Mary, Karen, Laura & Evelyn)

Perfect day for golf

Perfect day for golf

Filming the ladies

Filming the ladies

A beachside lunch at Wall’s Wharf followed where I arranged to play with the women again the following day at Harbor Links.


Beachside at Wall’s Wharf

Gruyere salad

Gruyere salad


Lobster & crab cake


Tuna Tartare


with Irene and Evelyn


Karen, Gayle, Mary and Laura

I am high energy, always have been and the ladies joked that Irene may need to sedate me in order to get me to sleep.

I didn’t need sedation but access to a kitchen. I cooked banana oatmeal and cranberry slice and made some coconut delights for the Wednesday golfers and again we golfed and ate.


Another day, another round of golf – with Kathy today


Irene filming and Evelyn giving the royal wave.


We clearly love to pose.


At Harbor Links


with Gayle

I was embraced by the group and felt so welcome. We had a lot of laughs and some great golf thrown in.

As Irene put it “You don’t just have friends in New York, you now have family” and that is exactly how I feel.

with Irene

with Irene

I will be golfing with this wonderful group of women again as I have invited the ladies to come to PEI next summer, stay with me, golf at my home tracks and enjoy some amazing east coast seafood.

Golf and food – what more does one need?

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