Thirteen Months, Four Countries, Forty Four Courses

I am currently sitting in Irene’s (LI Greek Golfer) living room following a wonderful morning of golf with her and some ladies from the Executive Women’s Golf Association Long Island Chapter. I met Irene on Twitter earlier this year where we connected over our shared passion of golf and food.

with Irene

with Irene

She invited me to join her and the wonderful women she plays with on Long Island.

And join her I did.

I flew into LGA on 31st August and made my way to Irene’s home in Long Island, where she had organized a dinner party with the ladies I was to golf with the following day.

We hugged hello and I instantly felt at home. We spent the afternoon chatting about golf and food as we cooked up a storm for the rest of the EWGA ladies.

IMG_4283 IMG_4307

What a wonderful bunch of women! We chatted about our shared love of golf over a table laden with international dishes – mostly whipped up in Irene’s kitchen.

Everyone has a golf story and I am of the belief that there are those who golf and those who have not yet played.

Tuesday saw eight of us meet at Glen Cove Golf Club for a four person scramble. I played with Irene, Gayle and Melanie – so many laughs with some great golf thrown in.

with Tommy Fam, John Grella and Irene

with Tommy Fam, John Grella and Irene

with Gayle, Melanie and Irene

with Gayle, Melanie and Irene

Lunch at Wall’s Wharf followed where I made arrangements to join the ladies again the next day for golf at Harbour Links.

At Walls Wharf Long Island

At Wall’s Wharf Long Island

I have invited the ladies to come to Prince Edward Island next summer. To stay with me, play some fantastic golf on my island and eat some amazing east coast seafood.

I do hope they can join me.

I have played some great golf in the last few weeks and while there has been some ordinary golf, I prefer to recall the great things coming off my club.

I played a round with Keir and Joe at Belfast, which is the closest course to my house in Canada and will always be a special place for me.

We had a lot of laughs and I plan to play another round there before I leave the country in three weeks.

with Keir

with Keir

with Keir and Joe

with Keir and Joe

I have mostly played at Dundarave but only because Brudenell has been busy. Dundarave is my favourite but I do love Brudenell. Working at the golf resort means I get to talk to golfers all day and when I can, I join them for a round.

I played a round on Dundarave with David and Lisa who were staying at Rodds celebrating their wedding anniversary.  I decided it is time for me to start keeping my stats, GIR, fairway, putts etc and this day I shot a 99 (the forth time I have cracked 100) which I was very happy with but boy could I putt. I did seven one putts and one zero putt. Go me!

At the end of the round Dave said he had to commend me and my golf teachers as he was impressed with my short game. As I have no idea what a new golfer should look like or how they progress, I was chuffed at the compliment and look forward to telling my coach Dave Bowlan.

My irons are so much better and I am executing everything as planned but my touch is off. Sometimes it can be too short or too long but half the time I am exactly where I want to be. The more I play the better my touch will be.

My alignment has improved greatly although at times I can be directionally challenged. My driving is (and always has) been one of my strengths and I now average around 180 yards with my best drive to date being 210 yards. My 3w and hybrids are still off and not quite there but I am not drop kicking them as often and although not great it doesn’t stop me pulling them from my bag as I know (and have done) great things with them.

Best of all and lucky for me from the day I started golfing I could putt. Don’t know why but I can read a green pretty well and I use my peripheral vision when I putt which just works (for me anyway).

with Dave

with Dave

with Lisa

with Lisa

Since reinventing myself as a golfer so many things have happened. Besides my golf improving, I have made so many new friends and connected with golfers all over the world.

Listing the things I have done as a golfer seems unbelievable and yet here I sit in Irene’s living room in Long Island after just finishing writing an article for the Executive Women’s Golf Association newsletter.

Last week I was contacted by a luxury golf tour company asking if they can put a direct link from their website to mine as they love my blog. I have written for Scotland’s Golf Islands website, have met and hung out with Gordon Moir, the Director of Greenkeeping at St Andrews (who I plan to play with next April), met Renton Laidlaw and interviewed author Andrew Greig. I have made so many new friends on twitter and have plans to golf all over the world.

Well, I always had plans to golf and eat my way around the world but now I have people inviting me to play with them at their home track.

And I plan to visit every one of them. It is just a matter of time.

I have consolidated my two blogs under the Fairway Foodie umbrella and have uploaded dozens of golf and food videos to my YouTube channel documenting my adventures.

Closest I've been yet.

Closest I’ve been yet.

My life now revolves around golf and tomorrow when I play another round with the ladies from the EWGA Long Island Chapter, I will have played forty four courses in four countries.

Not bad for just over a year.

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