Glen Cove Golf Club

Glen Cove Golf Club September 2015 – This morning I had the pleasure of golfing with Irene @LIGreekGolfer and some ladies from the Executive Women’s Golf Association – Long Island Chapter, at this great track in Long Island.

Glen Cove hosted our four person scramble and what a great day of golf. Upon meeting John Grella (the GM) he asked how long I was staying in Long Island and invited me to play as often as I liked as their guest.

with Tommy Fam, John Grella and Irene

with Tommy Fam, John Grella and Irene

It was a pleasure playing with women as mostly I play with men. Although who am I kidding? I love golfing regardless.

with Gayle, Melanie and Irene

with Gayle, Melanie and Irene

Glen Cove Golf Course is a par 66 right on the water, overlooking the Long Island Sound. The greens were in fantastic condition and all of us dropped some great putts.

I might have donated a couple of balls to the course (if you find a ball marked with a spider you know I have been there) but as I found thirteen last week I was already in credit with the golf gods.

I do have some ordinary and terrible shots (don’t we all) but today it was more good than bad and on the back nine we played very well.

Irene and Melanie spent quite a bit of time giggling but Gayle kept them in line directing them to tee up.

I realised today that I am an aggressive golfer giving everything a good nudge. I do know what I am capable of with every club in my bag and what have I got to lose? My golf game is all about whacking well and hoping for the best.

You always have another shot as golf is all about getting yourself out of the crap you just got yourself in.

Lots of smiles and laughter which is exactly how golf should be enjoyed.

Glen Cove – EWGA – Ladies of Long Island

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Long Island Ladies of the EWGA

Melanie and Gayle

Melanie and Gayle

with Irene

with Irene

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