Belfast Highland Greens

Belfast Highland Greens August 2015 – I first played this nine hole course in August 2013 (the third time in my life I actually attempted to golf) and shot 118. My good friend Jen, who I was playing with, asked me if I wanted to learn to golf the following year when I moved to PEI. As I like to learn a new sport every few years I agreed.

As I was learning to golf last year I returned and played quite often on this tricky nine hole track. It is close to my home and will always have a special place in my heart.

I love this track and today I had the pleasure of golfing with the pro, Keir White and member Joe. There was a bit of mizzle (misty drizzle) going on but it was still very humid. The greens were slow from the wet and there was not really any run.

I whacked well off the first tee and was challenged up the hill and over dale. My driving was very good, even my mishits were screaming down the fairway. Got to be happy when that happens.


I did have a couple of ordinary holes – one terrible one but that is golf. I am still not quite getting on to my 3w or hybrids but slowly, and the more I practice the better they are coming back.

I did get to see some amazing golf shots from the others, and I had a couple great shots thrown in the mix too.

Belfast is a challenging nine hole track that can get you in to trouble if you hit off target. Today I shot straight, even my terrible shots went straight. I may have been directionally challenged at times but no real trouble.

The 7th, 8th and 9th run along Orwell Bay and the view of the cliffs rolling into the water is stunning. As I said I love this course but my favourite hole is the par 3 9th.

I had played here near six weeks ago and had tried teeing off the 9th with my 3w and realized it was still my driver so I went with that same philosophy today but didn’t take into account how well I am now hitting my driver. I overshot the green by a fair distance heading off towards the campground. I pulled out my 3 hybrid just to compare and that is my club for this hole. For now anyway.

I had some good laughs today (not just at my golf) and only had to tell Joe once not to mess with my ball. He was helping me out with a terrible chip that went darting across the green and stopped it with his foot. I own my shots and like the challenge of getting myself out of the crap I have just put myself in. Most people would be happy with the well placed foot stopping my ball short but alas, not I. I like the challenge of fixing my last shit shot.

I have recommended this track to so many fellow golfers this summer and all have enjoyed the challenge that is Belfast.

Following a round at Belfast you must go to The Chowder House for some amazing food.

This summer my best round at this track was 50, 68 strokes better than the first time I played here.

Not bad at all!

Belfast Highland Greens – August 2015

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Keir White – Belfast Highland Greens

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Joe – Belfast Highland Greens

with Keir

with Keir


Golfie at Belfast

with Keir and Joe

with Keir and Joe

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