Bit of This, Bit of That

The weather here has been fantastic. A couple of thirty degree days and instead of just golfing I went to the beach. Saturday I had my first day off in a while and after hitting the gym, joined Jen, Brad, Benny, Mia, Nate and Spence at Basin Head.

I have not been to Basin Head before and it was gorgeous.

I love (and needed) ocean therapy.

With the crew at Basin Head

With the crew at Basin Head

There is a nice channel that you jump in and float out to sea- I didn’t jump from the bridge as I would have lost my swimmers and that wouldn’t have been fun for anyone.

with Jen

with Jen

Next day and it was off to Panmure Island with Kim.

I love this island.

So many pockets of beauty with not too many people. Apparently both beaches were quite busy but from a girl who goes to Sydney beaches, the people were few.

Panmure Island

Panmure Island

I have had the last couple of days off – well deserved too as I have taken over managing the Gordon (fine dining restaurant at the golf resort) and it hasn’t been much fun.

I am not sure how the old manager worked but it feels as if I am trying to prop up something built on a house of cards. I don’t have golf on television in the background as I chat to fellow golfers and there just isn’t enough traffic coming through the doors. So I am bored and I hate being bored.

I am back at Club 19 tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Yesterday was golf with Jack at Dundarave. Great relaxing afternoon chatting about so many things. Turns out Jack is a bit of a history buff so he will take the bags of history I rescued from the house at Murray Harbour for some winter reading. We played for pure pleasure and as I was the only one to get a birdie, I understand I am one up.

Elissa came to visit and it made me stop and rest and do some things beside just golfing, working and editing videos, which was a lovely change.

I joined Sheldon, Tiff and Elissa and we headed to Morell to kayak. The day was perfect and my only lament was I had to go straight to work afterwards.


Trying to get rid of my golfers feet

IMG_4105 IMG_4096 IMG_4098 IMG_4099

Changes to my work has put me off with my weekly cooking and gym schedule but I still manage to get my banana, oatmeal and cranberry slice made each week. Well to be honest Elissa made one when she was here that I froze so I didn’t need to bake last week but yesterday after uploading my latest video to YouTube I baked while I was skyping Vez and Finneboy in London.

I am quite the multi tasker.

Elissa and I went to Mill River Golf Course on the other side of the island and played in the Western Shootout. It was a lot of fun and Mill River is a beautiful course. I can’t wait to return in a couple of weeks and play it again with Mark (the pro) and interview him.

With Elissa at Mill River

With Elissa at Mill River

We also biked part of the Confederation Trail.

I love that the province has utilized the old train lines (there are no trains on PEI) and converted them into bike paths. They now run tip to tip and that is something I would like to do one summer – bike from one part of the island to the other.

Not this summer though too much golf to play.


This island is stunning


Elissa halfway between Morell and St Peters

What a place to bike.

What a place to bike.

I have played quite a bit of golf too. From the Mixed Club Championship to golfing at Eagles View today, I have probably played a dozen rounds in the past few weeks as well as practiced at the range. I shot a 94 on Dundarave the other day and I was stoked with the third time I have broken 100.

Sunset at my house

Sunset at my house

I have booked Barcelona and am waiting to hear back about my volunteer placement so I can start contacting golf courses nearby that I can play while I am there.

I am leaving Canada in just over five weeks and while I look forward to being in Sydney again and seeing everyone, I will miss having my own space.

Back to the life of a gypsy for another eight months.

I am very lucky I can do exactly that and continually chase the sun, golfing and eating my way around the world.

Working enough to pay for my next airline ticket. Not a bad way to live really.

In a couple of weeks I will be off to meet Irene in New York and golf with her in Long Island.

I have so many golfing adventures planned in all parts of the world.

I emailed the St Andrews video I shot to Gordon Moir and am planning on playing with him at St Andrews next April. Then Ireland, Canada before to Australia.

All in the name of golf.

Dundarave (8th)

Dundarave (8th)

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