Eagles View Golf Course

Eagles View Golf Course August 2015 – I am not long home from playing a round at this great little nine hole track in Murray River. I played with member Wayne, who also used to be a marshall on the course.

The course is in a great location on both sides of MacLures Pond (which is the largest fresh water body on PEI).


The first two holes are near the club house then you cross the pond to play the next five before heading back across the bridge again for the final two.

I have played this course three times now. Last year I played it as a very new golfer (I think my fourth round ever) shooting an even 100 (yes for nine holes) but got a bogey on one hole. Circled that, wrote “kind of awesome” and stuck it to the fridge. After being shown how to hold a club, I returned the following week and shot a 64. Right there I think I became addicted to golf.


It was a very hot day today so the run was excellent. I wasn’t playing great golf but did have a few great shots. A couple of wayward drives, which is not my usual game, saw me take a drop which I hate doing.  I managed to play better than last year and ended up with a 55. A lot of very ordinary shots in that bunch.

My putting was pretty much on line either dropping, running over the hole or stopping nearby. Exactly what you want to do with your putter.

The harsh winter has hurt this course and quite a few greens are still patchy and baked and the sand traps are not in the best shape.  That said there is some new blood in town who is striving to bring this course back to the stunning gem it once was.

Eagles View Golf Course

Twenty Question with Tiff – Wayne – Eagles View Golf Course

With Wayne

With Wayne

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