Avondale Golf Course

Avondale Golf Course – July 2015 I first played Avondale last year with my neighbour Len, when I was a very new golfer. We played two rounds at the end of the summer and I was stoked the day I was testing my new babies (the Adams S Series clubs I bought) and parred the first hole. The golf went downhill (well all over the hills from there) but there will always be that moment of greatness.

I have been going to Avondale all summer getting lessons from Dave Bowlan so I love this course as I love the learning I am doing on it. After having a playing lesson with Dave yesterday and then playing today I was very happy executing the short game changes as my touch gets better around the greens.

I played with member Arthur (my neighbour two doors down who I had never met), my other neighbour and constant golf buddy Len and Paul (Len’s son in law). We had more good golf than bad and we got better as we warmed up.

It was a perfect summer day for golf and although my hand was bleeding after the first nine (injury from hitting 400 balls at the range the other day) I stuck a bandaid on it and headed off to the 10th with Art, as Len and Paul had to head off.

I took a couple of drops (anyone who has golfed with me knows I hate doing that) but beside that didn’t get into any trouble. I was in the sand a couple of times but whether I whacked it with a 7 iron or my sand wedge I was out first go every time.

We got to the 12th (par 3) and a foursome waved us through. Art teed off then I followed. I pulled out my 3 hybrid, figuring it would hit the fairway in front and have a nice run onto the green and I watched smiling as it did exactly that. The three men standing to the right let out a holler in unison as it kept on rolling. I must say I was chuffed when I got up there to see how close I was.

One of the guys said he thought he was going to see his first hole in one.

I’ve decided now I am a golfer that I will get one – there always is another day.

I finished the back nine four better than the front and again my 3w and hybrids were not really my friends but I was whacking my irons really well and boy could I putt.

Can’t have everything.

Avondale Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Arthur – Avondale Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Dave Bowlan – Avondale Golf Course


That far from my first hole in one (I have decided I will get one).


Great day for golf

with Art, Len and Paul

with Art, Len and Paul

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