Red Sands Golf Course

Red Sands Golf Course – July 2015 I was warmly welcomed by Darrell and the ladies at Red Sands and played as part of their Thursday Ladies Day. Red Sands is a lovely nine hole track that you can’t get into too much trouble on. The rolling hills in the middle of farmland are gorgeous.

I loved the satisfaction of teeing off the third, uphill and nailing my second shot on to the green (I might have three putted for a bogey) but was happy nonetheless. I played my usual round of fair golf, dappled with moments of brilliance. I was whacking my driver well and a little directionally challenged at times with my 3w.

After my round I interviewed Chris, Phyllis and Darrell and got to meet a few of the other ladies that call this their home track.

Red Sands is the 40th course I have played since I started golfing last July. Not bad in a year.

Red Sands Golf Course

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Chris, Phyllis and Darrell – Red Sands


Some of the ladies of Red Sands

With Phyllis and Chris

With Phyllis and Chris

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