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This is my happy place

This is my happy place

I am not long home as the bugs, the failing light and the rain finally drove me from the course. I was coming home hours ago but the course called. After work, I had a pitching and chipping clinic with Anne Chouinard, which was fantastic. I was striking the ball really well, both chipping and pitching, that is until a half hour after the lesson ended.

Last week I headed to Halifax to the new course at Ashburn for the RBC Canada Cup. Seven and a half hours of travel for eight and a half hours of golf and I loved every minute. I also got to edit videos and write on the ferry, multitasking the whole way. It was nice to be in a sundress and not my work uniform or golfing gear, which seems to be my other uniform. I wore thongs (footwear not underwear) to try and get rid of the golfers tan on my feet.

I learnt so much, made new golf friends and met up with fellow golfers I had met on PEI. Ok so I might not have known who any of the players were, and horrified most people I spoke with when I readily admitted I didn’t know who Mike Weir or Tom Watson was. As I have said before, a year ago I would have preferred to poke my eyes out with sticks than watch golf on television but here I was, kicking it solo wandering around a course in another province watching amazing golf.


Hearn keeping hydrated.


Gonzales and DeLaet lining up.


DeLaet’s bunker shot on the 18th.


Coordinated pitch repair with Gonzales, Hearn and Barnes.


Weir putting while Watson looks on.

I have sixteen more videos to edit and will be shooting another one tomorrow. I just need a solid week of editing to get on top of everything. I have done a lot in a month though so I will just keep plugging away at it.

After having a couple of lessons and improving my grip, my irons are getting really good but I seem to have lost the ability to whack my 3w well. More often than not I am drop kicking it and I am not really getting on to my hybrids either. I had my third lesson with Dave and am liking golf more (if that is at all possible) as I see the improvement of what comes off my club. I played a round at Brudenell after my lesson and shot 102 which is my best round there so far.

I am booked in to play the Club Championship on the weekend as I figure why the hell not. Will be great fun golfing and I have no expectations so will be happy if I can do some great things regardless of the score. I will be a week off my first year golf anniversary and figure that is a good way to celebrate my passion for golf. I would like to shoot under 102 to keep on improving and if I can do that I will be chuffed.

I shamed a couple of spectators at the golf who dumped their empty beer cups in the edge of the woods at Ashburn.

Me: “Really, are you seriously going to just dump your rubbish and leave it there” as I strode over and picked up his trash.

Him: “Oh sorry lady, I will take it …umm I ah”

Me: “Don’t bother, I will carry and dispose of your rubbish for you”

He had nothing to say and just looked away in shame. I can only hope he and his mate didn’t dump their other cups on the ground. I saw them at nearly every hole but they pointedly looked the other way when I walked by.

I love the natural beauty of every course I have played and I find myself picking up rubbish constantly. Sometimes the crows have been busy, other times it has blown out of the cart and it doesn’t take much for me to stop and pop it in my bag for disposal.

I finally cleaned out my basement. It was still full of debris and projects from the previous owner, who had long since vacated. After helping Papa Joe replace two rotten beams I got all the rubbish from my yard and basement removed. Now I just have a little touch up paint to do and I will be happy with the house repairs for this summer. I will pick at some more things next year. I want to get some quotes on things I need doing and decide what I will do first.

I love my eclectic house and it is good to be home. I stop every other night to take a photo from the top of my road and I smile to myself knowing how lucky I am to live here. This island is amazing.

View from upstairs

View from upstairs

I plan to do more golfing than work in the next twelve months so I allocate my budget according to my priorities. I have decided on volunteer work in Barcelona for January, February and March, golfing all over northern Spain in the process. I hope to improve my spanish and take salsa lessons while I am there.

So many things to do not enough time.

Papa Joe working on the rotten timbers at the front door.

Papa Joe working on the rotten timbers at the front door.

While I am doing a lot of things, golf is definitely the centrepiece of my life right now. Everything I do is arranged around the golf I want to play.

At the end of August, I am flying to New York for a few days to golf with Irene and some of the ladies from the EWGA.

It is seriously all about the golf.

I have mentioned my distaste for the bugs here (black flies and mozzies especially) and had to laugh when I saw a lady mowing her lawns on a ride on mower dressed in a bee keepers outfit. I have wondered if I could golf in one of those.

I mow my lawns running laps around my house with my push mower. Much to the amusement of my neighbours I am sure. Well considering there is usually only about two cars a day that drive past my place, when I did the lawns last week there were a dozen or more that cruised by slowing down at my drive.

It is the project manager in me – my lawns get done a lot quicker and I have more time to edit videos.

I was telling the folk at work about run mowing my lawns and they think I am a little bizarre.

Perhaps I am a little strange but surely that is part of my appeal?

That is what I am going to run with anyway.

View from the top of my road

View from the top of my road

A random pic I took driving home from work.

A random pic I took driving home from work.

As I was heading to Brudenell to golf, I drove via Montague to pick up a book and was delayed by the Montague Days street parade. I drove around the block and asked a women stopping traffic how long the parade took and when she advised half an hour I shrieked. Not at her response but at the two clowns that were biking my way with their hideous faces. I apologized to her, admitted my fear of clowns, turned around and got the hell out of there.

Book be damned I’ll get it another time.

In all honesty I won’t be reading the book for book club anyway as I don’t have the time and I have already read it. I plan on catching up with the ladies just the same but without having read The Bone People and I’ll let them refresh the story for me. I can’t wait until I can sit and just read like I was able to do in Costa Rica. I could do it now I guess but I choose golf instead.

Heading to the PEI ferry from Halifax

Heading to the PEI ferry from Halifax

I played at Eagles Glenn and interviewed my playing partners, one of which played for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I shot my best ever nine holes with a 44 on the front nine getting birdies on the 1st and the 6th. Very happy and to come away with a 99 after some woeful shots on the back nine and I was stoked to have cracked a hundred again.

My friend, Ellery, designed branding for me and I love my new logo. It just says, “golf, food and travel” perfectly.

I love this

I love this

I have set up the upstairs and am ready for guests that are coming to visit from Australia during the next couple of months. In reality I could have nine adults pitch up to my door needing a bed and I could give them one without having to get out the air mattress.

Golfie at Ashburn

Golfie at Ashburn

I caught up with John, Halle and Colby and we played a best ball round at Brudenell. That was where I got bitten on the face by the black fly, nasty things they are. Even when I am catching up with friends I am doing it during a round of golf.

It was nice to hear the accent when I met an Australian family at work and I invited Colin to play golf with John and I the next day. I didn’t plan it well and as it turned out couldn’t play Brudenell so we went out to Dundarave. We waved through a single guy and he asked if he could join us. I have since played another round with Dale and he was going to try and join my round at Crowbush tomorrow. You can never have too many golfing buddies.

I haven’t been sleeping much and am working on this site and my videos until all hours of the morning and I realized that the thirty hours sleep I had last week is just not cutting it. When I am sleeping behind the wheel something has to give. I have slept the last two nights for seven hours so my 3-5 hours a night is improving. It is just I have so much to do and not enough time to complete everything.

Loving the summer berries on PEI

Loving the summer berries on PEI

I was wiped and I didn’t make Wes’ 75th birthday Friday night. I wasn’t feeling well which I am sure was lack of sleep catching up to me. I will have Wes over for dinner for his birthday instead. Will give me an excuse to cook and have a small dinner party.

The only cooking I am doing consistently at home is my golf snacks (banana, oatmeal and cranberry slice, coconut delights and lemon berry cheesecake) which I make weekly and of course my thirty ingredient daily smoothie.

Mostly I eat at work. I get on well with the kitchen staff and we joke and laugh and dance (maybe I am the only one that dances). Nig told me the other day “You are the coolest guy I know but you just happen to be a chick”. I informed him it was the best compliment I had since I was told by Louise in my Australian book club that if there was a zombie apocalypse she would want to be on my team.

I work with a good bunch of people and love chatting to customers about golf all day while watching golf on television. I don’t own a television so I am looking forward to getting to watch the Open at work. I keep seeing the Old Course loving that i was there a couple of months ago. I can’t wait to edit the St Andrews videos I shot and I look forward to going back to visit there again next year.

In the next twelve months I plan to golf in USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, and England.

Tomorrow it is Crowbush.

I am a little happy here after shooting 44 on the front 9 at Eagles Glenn

I am a little happy here after shooting 44 on the front 9 at Eagles Glenn

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