Eagles Glenn of Cavendish

Eagles Glenn of Cavendish July 2015 – I had arranged to play a round before work and the ladies that Chris had penciled me in to join didn’t arrive so I got paired up with Errol and Don.

They had asked me if I was any good and I thought they wanted to ensure I didn’t hold them up and when I told them I had only started playing last July they just wanted to know if I shot under 87 (if so they joked they didn’t want to play with me).

We teed off and I nailed my drive but it was a little directionally challenged and was to the left near the trees. I didn’t have a great lie and was standing on a stump but followed my drive with a fantastic 8 iron on to the centre of the green. Finished the putt off perfectly and birdied the first where we were joined by Eldon. The boys looked at me skeptically and advised they didn’t quite believe that I only started playing last year.

The course is nestled in around farms and it is green and lush in all directions. The greens were in good shape and my putting was on target most of the time.

I had a fantastic front nine, also birdied the 6th and was ecstatic to have shot the best nine of my life to date, with a 44. The back nine started off pretty well and I did have a couple of pars but my last four holes were terrible and I finished my card with two pairs – 8’s and 7’s. Great for poker but I was playing golf.

I finished the round with a 99 and was very happy to have cracked 100 for the second time. Entering this card reduced my handicap by another 0.5 and I am chuffed to have reduced my handicap from 31.2 to 27.4 since I left Australia in April.

Eagles Glenn of Cavendish

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Errol and Don

with Errol, Don and Eldon

with Errol, Don and Eldon


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