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Gorgeous afternoon at Brudenell

Gorgeous afternoon at Brudenell

Last week was all about golf with a little work thrown in and I have decided that is how I would like to live my life from now on. I had a life epiphany the other day and am aiming for four months in Canada, four months in Australia and four months doing a volunteer stint somewhere in the world. I will always have my golf clubs with me and will golf with the locals wherever I may be.

I am currently researching where I want to do volunteer work and what program I would like to do – I also need to research the golf action available nearby.

I spent three hours at the range practicing with every club in my bag. Four hundred balls later I moved to the putting green to play some games with myself.


Great day for practice

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow golf blogger who is golfing Canada’s Top 100. We have planned to play a round together when I return to Canada next year. I love working at the golf resort, talking all things golf is a perfect job for me really.

I have arranged to play rounds at eight courses on PEI this summer to add to my golfing collection. In my eleven months of playing, I have now played thirty eight courses in three countries.

Now to play the other thirty four thousand in the world.

I am not long off the phone from Irene, my golf friend I met on twitter. I am going to New York to play golf with Irene this summer and Irene and the ladies from EWGA are coordinating a golf event around two of my favourite things – golf and food. We may also do a spot of cooking together.

Wednesday and I headed off to the course to practice teeing off the tenth at Brudenell. The Nike Shootout was Thursday and I had no idea what club I needed to use.

Now I am not a fan of the bugs. While the mozzies (mosquitos) are annoying, it is the black flies that I hate. The tiny little things nibble lightly (mostly my head) and leave massive big welts for nearly a week. So not a fan. I hate DEET but coating myself in poison is sometimes my only option. I do have my own bug spray I made at home which not only makes me smell delicious but works, although you do need to reapply with the amount of bugs at Brudenell and I don’t always have mine with me.

With Cheryl at the Nike Shootout

With Cheryl at the Nike Shootout

Cheryl, one of my crossfit mates, joined me for the Nike Shootout. While our golf was ordinary, we each did some great things. Not consistent enough but as we were in the Rec division it didn’t matter, as prizes were drawn. We won some free golf vouchers and I also won a season pass to the PEI Islanders hockey games but as I leave the country in the winter, I gave them to Cheryl.

I was planning on spending most of my day golfing today, but I am sitting inside as heavy rain splatters the window. While I won’t melt and could certainly still practice, I do have some baking to do as I need more golf snacks and may be going lobster fishing (weather dependant) in the morning with my friend’s dad and thought I could take some baked treats on the boat.

I had my first lesson with Dave Bowlan from Avondale Golf Club on Friday and he is my new favourite. It is surprising what a couple, somewhat minor changes can do for your game. Some people proudly advise that they have never had a lesson but I don’t understand. I love to learn things and consider myself a knowledge sponge as I want to know how to do everything but I would always get lessons from an expert in their field. And Dave is an expert in his field. I have signed up for ten lessons and can’t wait to keep learning.

Dave is a great instructor and not just because he said I would be a good golfer, although that does make me very happy – I have a game in me for sure.


While I enjoy golfing with others, I do love kicking it solo

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