Whiting Bay Golf Club

Whiting Bay Golf Club – May 2015 I will remember this course always as it is the course where I cracked 100 for the first time.

I met David, the captain and we teed off looking up the hill. This course is quite hilly to start then levels out with an amazing panorama of the island and the Clyde Coast.

A couple of the greens are square which is unusual and a throw back to a design from the US that went out of fashion very quickly (maybe 100 years ago).

David was scoring and I was just wandering around whacking the ball with pleasure. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had already played 18 at Lamlash. I did some wonderful things, had some great putts and after an awesome drive on the 16th, had four gentlemen heading up the 17th give me applause for my 7 iron on to the green.

David had advised if you didn’t land on the green you would go off down the hill and it is usually best to lay up but I looked at the shot and decided it was a full 7 iron and I nailed it. It was a perfect shot, one of the ones that is effortless and goes exactly where you aim it. I was stoked to find it had landed on the green and while I three putted for a bogie was beside myself happy with the drive and of course my 7 iron.

I actually had people clap my golf. First time for everything.

The 17th is called the Cauldron as the green looks like a bubbling pit of witches brew and has so many levels I was very happy to get a bogie here. I drop kicked my way down the 18th but finished with a pretty good putt and it wasn’t until we came inside and David gave me the card to tally that I realized I had cracked 100 for the first time.

I was ecstatic. After taking my handicap into account I was 3 under par. Who knew I had it in me? And to top it all off I had managed to beat David on his home track by 4 strokes. Not a bad day at all.

After the amazing golf, I then got to enjoy one of John’s delicious Indian curries. Great day all round.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – David – Whiting Bay

Whiting Bay Golf Course – May 2015

with David

with David

Yes it is that sloping at Whiting Bay

Yes it is that sloping at Whiting Bay

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