West Kilbride Golf Club

West Kilbride Golf Club – May 2015 I was in West Kilbride as a dear friend of mine, Diana grew up here and this was her home track. I had arranged to play with her mum, Marion and I met Marion direct from the ferry from the Isle of Arran.

It was an overcast, dull day with rain on it’s way when we played but looking across the water to the Isle of Arran constantly made me smile. It is a great track that runs all the way out then back in by the sea.

It is a lovely part of the world and I would have liked to see it on a sunny day. I will just have to return.

I didn’t play very well and ended up in burns, bunkers and gorse but I had a ball. I did get out of the bunkers well and did some great drives and dropped a few good putts. It just took me too many shots to actually make it to the green.

By the 15th the rain started and it was getting colder. This was Marion’s first full round since she had returned from overseas and as we were both carrying (and I had played 91 holes in six days and carried for more than 70 of them) I was happy to agree with Marion and finish up on the 16th. I did finish up with a great putt on the 16th but getting there was terrible.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Marion – West Kilbride

West Kilbride Golf Course – May 2015


with Marion

with Marion

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