Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club

Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club – May 2015 Andrew Greig, author of Preferred Lies : A Journey to the Heart of Scottish Golf, made me want to play at Shiskine as the way he describes the course I had to experience it for myself.

Andrew, I thank you.

I played at Shiskine with Piet, who I was staying with and who is the Secretary at the Club. It was a little windy but nothing like the north east coast so it didn’t bother me at all. I started off well and enjoyed the gorgeous course for exactly what it is, a gem on the coast with blind hole after blind hole. I do love a blind hole and just whacking it, hoping for the best then heading over the hill to see how you went.

On the 3rd, Eagles Nest, I planted a ball into the gorse and hit another so was three off the tee and while I didn’t get my second over the hill, I chipped and putted for a five. On the 4th, I did the same thing whacking my ball into the side of the hill but my second landed just off the green so another five. Not bad, could always be worse.

The course is beautiful and rugged and I love that it only had 12 holes. I parred the 8th with a great putt and then got a 10 on the 9th as I went from gorse to gorse then had to take a drop. I nailed my drive on the 10th and was off near the 11th tee box and figured a chip and a putt and I would be fine.

I topped my chip and watched it hit the green and shoot off into the longer rough on the other side. I grabbed my putter and headed over to have a look. It was about 30 feet away and the green rolled down and to the left but in my head I said “I’m going to hole this”.

I looked at the run, lined up, putted through the longer grass and Piet and I watched in amazement as my ball snaked along the line I had exactly planned and curved to the hole, hitting the pin as it dropped. What a putt! What a par!.

Piet couldn’t believe i had just done that and I danced a jig of delight on the spot. I will remember that putt for a while and I must say I was very glad to experience one of those “golf” moments when everything just goes well, on this course.

I was on a bit of a pilgrimage here so it made me very happy. The 11th I got a bogie and I parred the 12th.

Not a bad way to finish off an amazing course.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Piet – Shiskine

Shiskine Golf Course – May 2015

with Piet

with Piet

Blind hole - Eagles Nest over the hill on the right.

Blind hole – Eagles Nest over the hill on the right.

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