Kilspindie Golf Club

Kilspindie Golf Club – May 2015 I played here on my last day of golf in Scotland and what a day it was. The wind was very strong and you had to lean into it to walk. The ball didn’t go too far driving into it but when it was behind you when you drove – what a whack you could get on it.

I had a great round with Danny (who I met on twitter) and his friend Neil. Danny had seen a tweet about my Scottish trip and invited me to come and play on his track with him. After teeing off into the bunker on the 1st that set the tone of my golf for the day. Not that is was bad golf just a wee bit sandy. I ended up in more than a dozen bunkers (I think thirteen all told) and laughed as I watched a lovely drive get blown sidewards into bunker after bunker.

I did get to practice Seve’s short game and bunker work that I had watched the previous evening on youTube so I was fine. With the exception of the first hole, I got out in one attempt in every bunker and in only one other did I watch in amusement as it landed nicely out only to be blown back in at my feet.

I played quite well considering the wind, oh I did some awful shots too but the good definitely outweighed the bad on this day and to drive into the wind on the 17th around the wee wall for a bogie and then to drive the green on the 18 (yes the wind was behind me but was very well whacked) and to have my first eagle attempt was a bit of an exciting way to finish. I didn’t get my first eagle but was well satisfied with a birdie. What a way to finish the windiest round I have every played. I figure I can play anywhere now if I have fought the wind off the North Sea.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Danny – Kilspindie

Kilspindie Golf Course – May 2015

with Danny & Neil

with Danny & Neil


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