Inverallochy Golf Club

Inverallochy Golf Club – May 2015 On the second day of my Scottish trip I met with George to have a hit at Inverallochy. I had stopped at the local garage for directions and the fellow there advised he may well see me on the course later but as it was raining a bit he might not come. I did see him later heading down the front nine as I was heading up the back.

I had my wet weather gear and was only here for the one day so I was going to play regardless. George gave me a little tour of the clubhouse and showed me some of the fantastic old photos adorning the walls. It was windy and I’d not played in wind this strong before.

I had a couple of air swings as I was blown off balance and learnt to get low and brace yourself against the wind. The sun came out as we played our way out and what a lovely seaside course.

I am a bit of a fan of a links course. Who am I kidding? I haven’t come across a course I haven’t liked.

I didn’t play too bad considering the wind and dropped a fifteen foot putt I was delighted with. My whoop of delight may have frightened a fellow golfer into duffing his next shot – may have. George kept me entertained with stories of the history of the club, the rescue crew and the old boat shed and then took me on a tour hour tour of the surrounding area.

What a wonderful day.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – George – Inverallochy

Inverallochy Golf Course – May 2015

with George

with George

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