Getting Twitchy – April 2015

I am less than a week out from golfing my way across Scotland but in the last week have also arranged to play in Nova Scotia (June), Long Island (September) South Australia (December), and Ireland (April 2016).

Everything is golf, golf, golf. I am sure I am a bore to all my non golfing friends. I do try and curb my golf talk and I guess it helps I can (and do) talk about everything.

Craig and I played and ate our way around Mt Broughton a couple of times prior to the launch.

Team Tiff - Craig, Diana and Dave

Team Tiff – Craig, Diana and Dave

Gourmet Golfer launched at Mt Broughton a bit over a week ago and what a great day of golf.  Not just because my team won. Craig, Diana, Dave were with me on Team Tiff but we probably should have called ourselves Team Craig as he was the saviour when we needed it. We were 5 under off the stick and once our handicaps were calculated, it tipped the balance and made us winners.

It was very wet and there was no run, the ball was more likely to be embedded into the fairway. On the plus side the greens were coming back to their best after being cored and sanded a few weeks ago.

Love my red back cover.

Love my red back cover.

Mizuno has sponsored me balls, hat and bag so I was all kitted out for the launch. I had my new putter, sponsored by Dot Putter and I had new club covers too.

While the Gourmet Golfer covers look great, the spider is my favourite. It did take me five and a half hours to sew and I hate sewing! I might just have the best 3w cover around.  It is amazing what you can do with a beanie (toque for you canadians) and a pair of socks.

Practicing with my new putter.

Practicing with my new putter.

After everyone arrived, had coffee and a bbq we were off – Shotgun start at 11am.

We were starting on the 9th, I pulled out a Mizuno marked with my usual spider thinking I would have a great round with my new ball.  I hadn’t lost any balls at Mt Broughton in three months. That day I lost three. After losing my new ball I didn’t want to keep sacrificing my good Mizuno balls to the golf gods, so out came my old, well whacked balls.

We all did some great things that day and some of us did some terribly ordinary things but as a team we rocked.

I love playing an Ambrose comp – lots of laughs and no one is too hard on themselves.  It is a little – all care, no responsibility.

I usually have a bag full of snacks but today I didn’t, as the media cart (thank you April and Carla) had a bag of Tiff’s Treats to give out to each player. In it were coconut delights (dark chocolate dipped coconut balls with a macadamia centre), banana oatmeal slice and chocolate fudge.

Dave and I at the 10th

Dave and I at the 10th

By the 16th,  I was starving. I was tempted to phone when I spotted them heading to meet us at the 17th tee. I might have got a second bag – hey I did make them.

Great golf snacks, and not just because I make them. (well maybe a little bit)

We were going to swipe some more cider from the 10th but as some teams hadn’t yet come through we satisfied ourselves (well I did) with pumpkin soup on the 1st.

After teeing off the 2nd we zipped down to walk across to the green. I felt a bite on my ankle and looked down to see my legs were covered in ants. I danced around like a crazy woman swatting and flicking and trying to remove them all. I have bites above my knees and was very thankful of my flared pant choice that morning as they very nearly came off altogether.

Ants in your pants is never fun.

The weather stayed nice, rain only starting as we headed up to Peppers Manor House for a drink and presentation.

I was chuffed to learn we had won the day and admit a happy dance might have burst forth.

Next day I was up at 4.30am to watch The Masters. Best way to spend a morning, besides playing yourself. I am adamant that from watching phenomenal golfers improves my game. Yes from just watching – and I am running with that. I watched Spieth win the Australian Open at the end of last year and while he is a great golfer, I would like to think I am more like Mickelson.

Last week I arranged to do an interview with Kym from Sutton Forest Olives, who had sponsored a prize for the launch. I had a great afternoon learning to make olive oil soap (watching Kym make it) and talking food, life and olive harvesting.

I had gone to the course before and after my interview, shooting some footage, practicing with the new camera.

Looking around at the reds and yellows of autumn I thought about Canada. While I am very much looking forward to being home on PEI, I will miss Mt Broughton.

Yesterday was my first golf interview and I was booked to play with Jeremy from Connect Golf in the comp at Wakehurst. It was pouring rain and as I didn’t have full wet weathers with me, we decided against going out. And we would have wind the comp considering we were the only two people who turned up.

Me and Jeremy on a wet Monday.

Me and Jeremy on a wet Monday.

I am happy to play in any weather. Everyday is a good day for golf – some days are just better.

Instead, we headed to Manly for breakfast then went back to the golf course so I could film my first Twenty Questions with Tiff.

We ended up talking golf for four hours.

I cleaned my shoes and clubs and have packed them ready to go to Scotland.

I am arriving in Aberdeen and playing at Craigiewan, Inverallochy, Fraserburgh, Whiting Bay, Machrie Bay, Shiskine, West Kilbride, Kilspindie, and Balcomie Links at Crail.

While Shiskine captured my imagination thanks to Andrew Greig’ s Preferred Lies,  I cannot go to Scotland without going to St Andrews for a look around.

Andrew Grieg with be in Edinburgh and we have arranged to catch up while I am there. While he currently cannot golf we can talk all things golf and see if he is up for Twenty Questions with Tiff.

I also have some interviews lined up with food producers in Scotland. Just to satisfy my curiosity and to learn. I am interested in everything and as I have said before I want to golf and eat my way around the world.

Scotland is a great place to start my journey.

I have just finished reading The Match, by Mark Frost (I might have devoured it in a day) and tweeted him saying that as Preferred Lies took me to Shiskine, The Match will take me to Cypress Point.

I am enjoying learning about golf, be it masters of the game, places I “must” play and just meeting and chatting to fellow enthusiasts.

A friend gave me his friend’s phone number so earlier this evening I phoned Renton Laidlaw and have arranged to meet up with him while I am in London. Alas he cannot golf at the moment but he said one of his friends will be happy to play a round with me.

Fare the well (for six months) Mt Broughton.

Fare the well (for six months) Mt Broughton.

I admit I had never heard of Renton Laidlaw when I was given his number so before I called him, I googled him.

I can’t remember what I did with my time before golf. It has completely taken over my life.

I own four golf bags in Australia and my home is in Canada. Yes I may well have a problem.

I will be using said golf bags as suitcases and shoving everything I don’t want to take in the bags then dumping them in my car before I put my car in storage for six months. They make quite handy suitcases.

My clubs are already packed as I have so many non golf things to do before I leave on Monday.  I won’t be playing now until I am in Scotland.

I am getting twitchy already.

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