Crail Golfing Society – Balcomie Links


Balcomie Links – Crail Golfing Society May 2015 I was planning my first trip to Scotland, so I spoke with one of my best friends, Diana, who is from West Kilbride and said if I was going to Scotland where do I “have” to go.

She said Crail. So I googled golf in Crail, found the Crail Golfing Society, emailed them and arranged to play a round when I was in town.

It was pouring rain when I arrived so first I interviewed Brenda, Susan and Kathy then we donned the wet weathers and headed out. The rain was easing and I was going to play regardless. That is what the wet weathers are for after all.

I started out ok until I got to the tricky 5th, Hell’s Hole which was a little hellish for me and all of us actually.

We had quite the day with wet weathers on and off four times and it was pretty windy. Susan and Kathy had to take off after the 10th, so Brenda and I played on.

The skies opened when we teed off the 13th and while Brenda advised most ladies lay up to the left I gave it a good whack at the green. Ach no risk, no reward and I know what I can do with a club so I’ll give it a good nudge. I only lay up when I know I can’t carry. And this day carry I did – right on to the green.

I must say I was chuffed to play the three holes Brenda referred to as “score wreckers” with a par, birdie and bogie. Couldn’t be happier.

I did make the mistake of noting (yes aloud) as I holed out on the 17th that I was playing with the ball I had started with, only to lose it off into the gorse off the 18th tee. Hunt for it I did and got gorsed in the process. If you have ever touched gorse with your bare hands you know exactly what I am talking about. While I didn’t find my ball I did find a bakers dozen.

Balcomie is a beautiful course with so many different types of challenging holes. I know how lucky I am to have played it. And I must note I was reminded of a couple of holes when I finished reading Golf in the Kingdom which I was reading while golfing my way across Scotland.

Great day, great golf, great playing partners. What more could a girl want???

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Brenda, Susan and Kathy

Crail Golfing Society – Balcomie Links

with Susan, Kathy & Brenda

with Susan, Kathy & Brenda


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