Fraserburgh Golf Club

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Fraserburgh Golf Club – May 2015 I had arranged to golf at Fraserburgh with Deborah. When I arrived ready to play I spoke with Debbie as Deborah no longer worked there. While something was written in the book they had no idea I was turning up to play. Debbie rang Gerry, the Captain, who came a bit early to have a chat to me and see what I was after. He arranged for me to go out with one of the fellows in a buggy to film some bits and pieces. I didn’t want to just film I wanted to play. And not just the 9 hole course but the 18 hole course. I told Gerry I would be happy to go out on my own but he begrudgingly agreed to take me out himself and I marked his card for his usual Friday round with the boys.

After the second hole Gerry remarked that he really enjoyed showing someone his course (which he had never done) and he was also playing better than he had in a while. I told him I am a bit of a golf whisperer as everyone seems to have one of their best rounds when they play with me – I think my chat might distract them from their golf.

After spending this afternoon editing the Fraserburgh Twenty Questions with Tiff I was reminded of how much fun I had with the boys and playing a round with Gerry on his home track was a lot of fun. Even if we had to push a broken buggy across a couple of fairways after it died on us.

I played the best 9 holes I had ever played and shot 49 coming back in. Maybe Gerry was good for my golf too.

One of the guys I met, Bill, gave me Gordon’s number (who used to work at Fraserburgh) and told me to call him, which I did. Turns out he is now the Director of Greenkeeping at St Andrews. I arranged to meet up with him the following week but that is another story.

A great day of golf with lots of belly laughs.

Oh and the course is the 7th oldest in the world. Just saying.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – Gerry (and the boys) Fraserburgh GC 

Fraserburgh Golf Course May 2015

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