Brodick Golf Club

with James

Brodick Golf Club – May 2015 After arriving at my accommodation in Machrie Bay on the Isle of Arran, my host Douglas asked if I had spoken with James (the pro) at Brodick Golf Course. I hadn’t as I wasn’t planning on playing there but said I would phone him after Douglas told me James was aware I was on the island to golf and eat and was expecting my call.

After a great round at Machrie Bay I headed off to play at Brodick.  I thought I would be nicely warmed up – I was warm but didn’t really hit anything well. I had episodes of greatness but couldn’t chip at all. Clearly I had used all my chipping skill in my morning round. I did drop a few good putts, did some great drives and nailed some 3w, although they may have been a little directionally challenged.

James and I talked all things golf, had some good laughs and I was a little bit chuffed when he told me he didn’t believe I have only been playing since July 2014. Not because he thought me a liar but a little more skilled with my stick.

I shot a little footage of the course and filmed Twenty Questions with Tiff which you can watch here.

Twenty Questions with Tiff – James – Brodick

Brodick Golf Course May 2015


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