Couscous with Slow Cooked Lamb

As it was my last night in London, I had invited Malika and Michael to Vez’s place for dinner and wanted something fairly easy to cook. I had already planned on the Chocolate Mousse for dessert and after checking the pantry figured a couscous something would be nice.

I decided on a lamb topped couscous stack and rub the lamb with chilli oil and turmeric then put the lamb shoulder on a couple of diced onions in the slow cooker and let it cook for about six hours.

Once the lamb was done I removed it to a pan and wrapped it in foil. I was going to use the onion and lamb stock that was now sitting in the slow cooker and add to the couscous.

I diced two sweet potatoes and a hunk of butternut pumpkin coating it all in oil, turmeric, cumin and coriander and popped in the oven to roast for a bit. About 10 minutes before the vegetables were cooked I threw in a diced onion and stirred through so it got coated in the spiced oil.

I cooked two cups of couscous (adding boiling water, fluffing a couple of times – so easy) and once cooked I added the onions and lamb juice from the slow cooker and stirred through. I then added a tin of chickpeas, stirred, covered and set aside.

I chopped a few handfuls of baby spinach, coriander and a small block of feta and put in a bowl big enough to mix everything.

To the couscous I dumped the sweet potato, pumpkin and onion, stirred through and put aside for a minute.

I toasted a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds in a hot dry frypan and added most of these to the couscous mix.

I let all this sit while I made a yoghurt dressing, again I wing it and work with what is in the fridge and the cupboard. To a cup of greek yoghurt I added dried cumin, dried coriander, some lemon juice, salt, pepper, honey, rice wine vinegar (any vinegar would work instead), some cayenne pepper and some hot and spicy wholegrain mustard I had picked up on the Isle of Arran. I tasted this as I went to see if it needed more of any of the above and just made it to my taste.

I then added the couscous mix to the greens and feta, stirred through and served up. I cut the lamb (it more fell apart than needed cutting) and stacked a hunk of lamb on each serve. I added a healthy dollop of yoghurt dressing and garnished with toasted seeds and fresh parsley.

I must say considering this is the first time I have made this dish I was very impressed, as were my satisfied dinner companions.

So easy, so delicious – I will definitely be making this again.


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