Are They Tees in Your Hair?

I get asked the same two questions every time I play a round with someone new and it may take a couple of holes but I am always asked “Where is your glove?” – I don’t wear one -never have and seem to have tough calloused crossfit hands that don’t need a glove.

Everyone wears a glove and I told someone I was playing with recently “I don’t need a glove, I have man hands”. Then looked up at my male golf partner, burst out laughing and apologized for being sexist.

Glove or not, I golf and I bloody love it!


At Mt Broughton

I spend a bit of time working on my golf now. Work is organizing a golf day and planning what courses I am going to play in Scotland. Quite fun and I’m very happy to call that work.

I am planning on playing Shiskine (thank you Andrew Greig) on the Isle of Arran and after chatting with my lovely friend Bobbo from West Kilbride, I have decided that with the golf and food on the Isle I need to visit there for a week. So I just extended my golfing trip to Scotland another week.

And I can do this “work” at night when I can no longer see a ball. This is so not work.

I have met so many fascinating people who I never would have met accept for the fact that we both golf. Oh and that I am a wee bit chatty.

Every day is a good day to golf and I am trying to play as many courses as I can. I want the challenge and experience of different courses and really, I just like people – everyone has a story.

I seriously play golf with every person I meet that says they golf. I get their number and arrange a day that suits them at their course.  I enjoy golfing with all these different people that I would never have spent four hours with. It is interesting and always fun.

And while it is always fun some people can make it feel like a long four hours.

I was cordially invited to participate in the inaugural RAW invitational Golf “Tournament”, to be held on Australia Day, Monday 26th January 2015. (Sylv’s words, not mine) and jumped at the chance. I’m hoping I can play an Ambrose or Four Ball comp sometime soon.


My Australia Day Team

The day before the tournament I spent practicing at my course before heading out to play the back nine. After playing the 10th I caught up with a foursome on the 11th and as I was playing solo they told me to play through.  I started off fantastically, a great drive straight down the fairway, followed a terrible three wood into the rough then a totally duffed hybrid.

I clearly should have stayed practicing stuff on the range.

I got them to play on and started playing two balls plodding slowly along behind them. I skipped past them on the 15th straight to the 16th (it is my nemesis – we all seem to have one) as I wanted to practice teeing off with my three wood and my hybrid and my six iron so I played five balls, losing one and holing four and then finished up playing one ball on the 17th and 18th.

I can only do what I can do and while I hit some great shots exactly where I am aiming, I also drop kick shots, toe shots, duff them or over hit them completely.

So many things to work on with golf and I just love the challenge. Regardless of how I am hitting them I am always smiling.

After practice I headed to the Four in Hand in Paddington to meet my fellow team members. The tournament was a great way to spend my Australia Day morning.

Usually I am a little dusty on Australia Day but this year was fantastic. Up early and golfing – what is not to love?

It was a great day and I met some wonderful golfers who I will golf with again (I plan to play comp with some of the ladies this Friday – I just haven’t told them yet).

The golf tournament was very relaxed and as there were some non-golfers amongst us, the rules were very civilized. No stroke penalty for hitting out of bounds or into water (I didn’t do either) and a body length preferred lie which I felt extremely naughty doing but used twice when I hit a wayward shot behind a tree.

I loved it and also got myself a golf towel, a couple new golf balls and a ball marker that looks like a fetus. I do believe it is meant to be an ear, god knows why, it looks more like a fetus to me.

I will continue drawing a spider to mark my ball thank you very much.


Leaving my mark.

On the Thursday I headed to Mt Broughton to play a round with Craig before driving further south to Canberra to play another nine that afternoon with Mav.

What can I say? I love golf.

I was playing ‘shits and giggles’ golf with Mav and on one hole (not sure which)  I got out my sand wedge, lined up a chip but just before taking my shot, I stopped and swapped my wedge for my putter.

Seve was in my head “a bad putt is always better than a good chip” and on his advice I putted. Much to Mav’s astonishment I sunk the putt.

Maybe he was just astonished when I thanked Seve out loud.

Friday I was back at Mt Broughton practicing once again.

“Are they tees in your hair?” is the second question I am always asked. Some have been incredulous and one was planning on taking a photo. I didn’t think this was strange at all, just practical. It is very handy. I always have one ready and never have to dig around if I break one. I also have balls and tees everywhere. From falling out of my hair or rolling out of my bag – they are in my car, handbag, under my bed and sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe. Surely this is quite normal too.

Not wearing a glove and wearing tees in my hair may be a little odd but hey I am a little odd – in a good way.

I met Shaun at Bonnie Doon and teed off playing the back nine.

At Bonnie Doon

At Bonnie Doon

My first drive landed on the wrong fairway and it was pretty ordinary going for me with really tricky, undulating greens. I did do a couple of good things and finished the 18th with a couple of great shots strung together. If I can just keep doing a little more of that, that would be great.

The following day I was off to play Mona Vale Golf Club with Craig (that I used to work with) and as Craig was a little late I spent about fifteen minutes chatting to the guy in the pro shop, I think he may have been pleased when Craig finally arrived so I could stop talking his ear off.

Maybe that is why I have an ear ball marker – is it because I talk people’s ears off? Trying to tell me something Sylv? Although I wouldn’t have thought that marking your ball with an ear would be a popular choice so they may have been extra stock from a marketing mishap.

Craig told me I was better than he thought I would be which I am sure was a compliment.  I think he was surprised that I hit it straight more often than not and while it might not go too far, I can always work with it.

Whacking well at Mona Vale

Whacking well at Mona Vale

You always have another shot – well except after holing out on the 18th that is, and in that case there is always another day.

After chatting to fellow book lover and golfer Louise, I decided to join her and sign up to a competition at Monash Country Club in Ingleside in a couple of weeks. Another tricky course I am told but I’m game, I’ll give any course a whack.

I headed south again on Friday and played at Mt Broughton with Frank and Al. It was fun and I had quite a laugh. No doubt I will have another round with them soon.

Frank gave me a new golf bag – a Titleist tour bag that was Whitney Hillier’s. Thanks Whitney, I did remove your name from the front of the bag but am I am loving it and very thankful you were given a new one.

Had a quick round with Shaun and Roy at Mt Broughton the following day and Shaun told me he was impressed with my bunker play and while I don’t plan to hit the beach when I golf, I am quite happy to get sandy and more often than not get the ball out on my first attempt.

Once again thank you Seve and your YouTube clips.

I spent a bit of time at the range practicing with my irons as they haven’t really been my friends of late.

I love it when you practice things and you actually pull off what you are trying to do.

The practice I have been doing all week showed when I played at Marrickville Golf Club with Ian (my friend Brett’s father) on Friday.

Following my drive into the trees, I did a superb shot (and yes it was “that” shot) pitching the ball and landing about three inches from the hole for a nice par on the 13th. I couldn’t have been happier and I do believe I got Ian to give me a high five and I might have done a slight happy dance.


I finished the round playing under my handicap and after having a quick drink with Ian headed south to Mt Broughton to play another nine.

I was planning on playing Wollongong Golf Club this morning with Ross (my friend Carly’s father) but we couldn’t get on so we arranged to play in two weeks.

I also booked in to play this Thursday’s comp at The Links at Shell Cove. Methinks this will be my new Thursday morning until I fly to Scotland to golf.

As I play predominately with men, who are all way better golfers than me, it will be nice to mix it up and play with women who are closer to my handicap.

This afternoon I played the back nine at Mt Broughton with Chris from Coffee Culture in Bowral.

And while I couldn’t get a lesson with Dave before my third comp on Thursday I will still be there tomorrow and the day after, practicing everything I’ve been taught and watched Seve do.

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