The Click of the Clubs – January 2015

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning and while a perfect golf day, today I will just enjoy the sun without a golf club in my hands.

Mt Broughton

Mt Broughton

Another month has rolled on by which I have filled with lots of fantastic things but golf is still my favourite. I have played at Mt Brougton, Mollymook Beachside (I wanted to play the Hilltop course but didn’t think I could take the crew I had with me there), Gungahlin Lakes, Woollahra, and Manly.

The week before Christmas I played at my course, Mt Broughton, with my brother in law, Cookie. For someone who hasn’t picked up a club in three years I was very impressed. His handicap used to be around 10 and he pretty much played to that. I had lost a couple of balls, well four actually, in the water when I played at Antill Park and didn’t want to lose anymore so when I splayed a drive to the right in the long grass near the railway lines, I was going to find it. Snakes be damned.

I did wiggle my club around a bit in the snaky grass to scare them away or notify them of my arrival perhaps, but I was determined to find my ball. I found seven and Cookie found five, one being my ball. I then crawled further into the grass, I have no idea why, and followed a bit of an animal burrow – (wombat maybe?) looking for more balls. I found quite a cache, fifteen in one little spot. Now I was on a treasure hunt as there is something a bit exciting about finding them. Is it a throwback to an easter egg hunt as a child?

Mt Broughton

Mt Broughton

Well Cookie and I were digging around the long snaky grass for about twenty minutes, had waved a duo through and ended up with seventy balls. Go me! As Cookie said he only needs one ball to play so they were all mine. Clearly I take risks, give everything a go and don’t care if I lose a ball or four. By the end of our round I had an additional 102 balls, a wee bit of cleaning needed but I was very happy I didn’t need to buy anymore considering I was not working, just golfing and spending my savings.

Cleaning my new finds.

Cleaning my new finds.

I had a few weeks where my irons just didn’t want to play with me. I couldn’t get a good connection on any of them and thought I am just not using them enough. Mt Broughton is a very long course and my long game is not bad but I don’t really have much need of my irons there. I have decided that next week when I go for a four hour practice session, I will then go out and play two balls for nine holes using nothing but my irons which should help quite a bit. I do need practice teeing off with my irons too as I had a couple of instances at Manly and Woollahra where this was needed and one was ok but the other was terrible.

You always have another shot in golf and I can usually work with the shots I make but if I can eliminate some of my more abysmal shots, I will be quite happy. And that will come with more practice. The more I play the better I will become.  That said my shit shots are getting better and there is nothing nicer that drop kicking a shot or duffing it completely and watching it go straight down the fairway. Hey it might not go too far but I can work with that.

I went down the Australian coast over the New Year period and got up at near six every morning for a run. Many a morning would I see golfers heading off for a round and I told them I was a little jealous. I enjoyed one foursome’s look of surprise when I told them to “whack well my friends” before running off down the road.

I was in the need of a golf bag but didn’t want to by another new one. I have a great one in Canada, but have been using my hard travel case for the last three months and it is getting quite trashed so I was quite happy to walk past an op shop and find an old set of clubs sitting out the front complete with a cart. Can’t go past twenty bucks and I just love the old timber drivers.


My new golf bag

This week and I drove to Sydney to play with Sylv, the volunteer I met at the Australian Open a month or so back. He is a member at Woollahra and has organized a bit of a competition on Australia Day which I will be playing in a couple of weeks. He was planning on putting me in his group as I don’t know anyone else that is playing – until he golfed with me that is. We both agreed he could put me in any group as I am not shy and would be chatting away making friends no problem.  I played reasonably well, and got two pars – I am always happy to get pars – who isn’t??? I still did some very ordinary things but that’s golf!

Every round I play there is always “that” shot, the one that keeps you coming back for more. I might not be consistent but I love it and I do have a golf game in me somewhere.

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