Coconut Delights

Coconut Delights

This time last year I was living in a tree house in Costa Rica having a nice sabbatical, detoxing from alcohol, processed foods and work. Besides biking, swimming and hiking, I spent a lot of time researching whole food recipes and which blender I was going to buy when I got to Canada. I chose a Blendtec – it can even blend golf balls.

Eating so well in Costa Rica made me feel great so I decided I didn’t need to eat processed foods but would make the majority of what I eat rather than just open a packet. I spent hours sitting in a hammock reading whole food and raw recipes planning all the delicious food I would make when I got to Canada. Did I mention I had better wifi in the tree house than I had in Australia?

Mid coconut delighting

Mid coconut delighting

I love coconut and who doesn’t like chocolate? This recipe is an amalgamation of a few different recipes I read taking ingredients out and adding stuff I like.

My favourite version is made with pistachios and macadamias are a very close second. I have also used almonds when I don’t have any of the other two. I love pistachios but the salted ones in the shell (which I like the best) take too long to prep and my fingernails always get trashed. Plus I am all about best utilization of my time – it is the project manager in me – so raw macadamias are usually the nut of choice.

I dump four cups of desiccated coconut in a blender and add half a cup of melted coconut oil and four tablespoons of a sweetener. My favourite is maple syrup but I have also used agave syrup and rice malt syrup that works nicely but for my taste I prefer maple.

Blend this well. In my Blendtec about thirty seconds and it is well mixed but I am currently using an old blender (circa 1980’s) and it takes a few minutes. I also have to turn it off a couple times and scrape the sides.

Once blended, I tip the mixture in a lined pan and press it down firmly with a fork or a spoon but mostly just use my fingers. Then I push nuts into the mixture before popping the tray in the freezer to set.


About thirty minutes later I melt 70% dark chocolate, on the stove in Canada or microwave in Australia, being careful not to cook it. I pour the chocolate over the slice and pop back into the freezer to set.

I used to cut the chilled coconut mixture and individually dip each square into the chocolate and while it works a treat and stays together really well it takes a lot of time. Instead I pour the chocolate let it set then cut it into delicious bite size treats. I have since started getting a hunk of coconut pre freezing it and popping a nut in the middle before rolling into a ball and then chilling the tray of balls. Once chilled I then dip the balls in chocolate individually.

Depending on the size you cut, the chocolate can sometimes come away from the coconut and if that bothers you dip the squares individually. I keep them in a container in the fridge and regardless of whether I am staying with friends or living alone they are gone within the week. I always take a little bag of them when I golf so it is not just me eating them all.

I call them Coconut Delights because, they are in fact delightful.

Coconut Delights

Coconut Delights

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